So the title of my blog is self explanatory.  I have not reached out to friends to help someone in many many years.   Last night I was inspired to begin a new project that I am calling the Fisherman’s Net.


Over the past several years I have been blessed to hear conversion stories of people entering our faith.  Sometimes these journeys have a steep cost because the people entering must give up their jobs to do so.  


I am referring to protestant pastors who see the intense light of Christ in the Catholic Church.  These are rare occurrences and in the Catholic community there is no real outreach to help these people on their journey.  


When they accept their faith they leave behind their congregations and their jobs. They have families to support and must find a new way of life.  Many times their wives are not coming with them and give them no support or negative attitudes.


With the state of the Church today I find it even more courageous to abandon all you have for the sake of Christ’s teachings


Today, I am asking my friends to make a $100 donation to the Lay Stewardship Foundations Fisherman’s net program.  


I would like to be able to offer a cash award of $5,000 to men who are making this journey of faith.  I know of one man entering our Church in a few weeks. 


We will never know these people but what a great gift we could give them from our faith community.  Now it  is an unsupported journey that I think in some small way we could make more palatable and show true Chritian witness to people who have thrown their faith to God. 


Please would you join me in our journey,   George

fishermans net.png