The Lantern Vol 1

The journey continues

We now sit at a crossroads of Catholicism in the modern world. We the members of The Catholic church have to come to a realization that we are experiencing a new, dark age of history. Theological thought has so devolved that an evil destructive force now envelops the church.

In Pennsylvania, grand juries uncovered decades of Child molestation and abuse by church officials. This prompted other victims in surrounding states and countries to finally cry out and reveal a terrible criminal element that has permeated both the Vatican and the highest teaching offices of the Catholic Church.

These revelations reveal two truths: first, the Catholic hierarchy is riddled with clergy who are not living their calling and abusing the sheep they were called to shepherd. But secondly, and more importantly they give a glimpse of the depth of the corruption.

While so many faithful are now lighting lanterns to dispel the darkness of sin, the forces of evil are so strong that the truth remains covered. As a person who has experienced cancer there is no better analogy than to say the church has stage five cancer; a sickness that cannot be treated without surgically cutting out the sickness and dousing the body with redemptive treatments.

These revelations should have evoked an immediate response to cure the church. On the contrary, we see they have caused an immediate cover up and denial. A fanciful explanation that these problems are in our past. That is why the cancer analogy is so reasonable. When we discover cancer you cannot just deny the problem nor can you cut off a surface tumor and walk away. You identify both the cause and address the problem until it is completely eradicated. Unfortunately for the church, we are ignoring the problem because we already know the cause and we continue to fail to address it.

For over fifteen years I have seen this problem manifest itself and slowly reveal the hidden evils and corruption that I wish to discuss and to continue to uncover for you. .

The first of which is the continuing failure of the church faithful to step up to the battle.

When these problems first presented themselves we were given the impression that this was a past problem involving a small percentage of our clergy. Recent revelations involving Cardinal McCormick, Cardinal Wuerl and many more bishops, reveal we are not experiencing indiscretions of a few men tempted by the world, but rather we see unveiled, a syndicate of evil that has a tight grasp on the whole church.

For years, there have been talks of a lavender mafia intent on covering up, and promoting immorality in the church. What the faithful failed to understand is the term “Mafia” was not being used loosely but was and is an actual realization of parts of the Catholic Church today.

The exposure of just a small part of this corruption has revealed billions of dollars in payouts by the church. We have evidence of wide scale embezzlement , prostitution and child molestation on a global scale.

Sadly, people still do not understand the magnitude of the current problem which I will present in my next article. I will explain that these are not a subtle indiscretion of a few but rather, an orchestrated corruption that has and continues to poison our church from within. We must all take a journey to rid our church of this corruption and evil. I pray you will join me, that you too will light a lantern.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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