Pell got what we deserve

The Lantern Vol. 5

I have followed the Cardinal Pell story for a long while with great interest because of the many conflicting points that are involved. In my investigations of priest child molesters there have always been some men falsely accused. It was when I looked at the "whole picture" of the accused that I usually found out what was going on.

What I always found was the character of the man and his theology were contrary to Catholic Church doctrine at some point in his life. The saying, where there is smoke there is fire, was usually a good indicator of whether the priest was guilty or not.

The majority of child molester priests lived a life style of sexual activity. They would question the Church's teachings on sexual morality. Sexually active clergy would usually have multiple victims over many occasions. Immoral sexual activity was also a lifestyle of the accused, not a one time event. Under their supervision child molestation claims would be discarded, hidden and a vast cover-up would take place. They surrounded themselves with like minded believers to support their activities.

Cardinal Pell presented a different story. When first accused ,he removed himself from ministry and launched an investigation. I know of no other Bishop or Cardinal who took these stances. He has been a strong advocate for other victims and a staunch supporter of the Church's teachings. His actions were contrary to every other child molesting situation in the church that I encountered. I did not hear of him living a sexually active lifestyle, (though I am too far removed from his diocese), and his accusers seem to point to a singular occurrence.

Some people think he is being discredited precisely because he has been a staunch advocate of the Church's teaching on sexuality. This is a valid point, since it appears the vast majority of the Catholic Priesthood has been leading a perverted priesthood. I have gone on record explaining why I believe a significant number of the "priest" predators are not valid priests. Due to the corruption at the Vatican and throughout the church, Pell would not be expected to receive any support from Rome. On the contrary, he would be a perfect scapegoat.

Cardinal Wuerl is a good recent example of the Vatican's lack of christian charity and moral direction. Here is a man who should be in prison for how he handled child abuse and sexual morality. Yet, faithful Catholics now pay for his retirement and comfort. This is the same "punishment" for multitudes of child molester priest bishops and cardinals over the past decades. As long as you acted like you protected the church you get a nice retirement for your evil deeds.

It is possible and likely that Pell, fell into this sin in his younger years and now through the grace of God is atoning for this error. We have a church filled with perverted priests/sexual predators whose presence corrupts the remaining members. We see the Pope influenced by the ring of predators around him, so much so, he has reinstated many evil men.

No matter what the case, Pell is also a victim of the Vatican's lack of moral leadership which has resulted in the collapse of the image of the Catholic Church. Our Church leadership is overrun with liars and sexual predators and there is no visible sign of correction. On the contrary this corrupted leadership is digging in and those evil forces attempt to redefine church teaching to justify their perversions. A smart Catholic wouldn't trust their kids with anyone in the Vatican. The corruption is too great, the scandal too wide spread.

What upsets me is the Catholic Church should be a holy, visible, moral authority without question, beyond reproach. Today, it is not, nor will it be until we have the integrity to clean up our own mess and stop relying on the civil authorities.

So Cardinal Pell goes to prison and if he is an innocent man, that can be a good thing. If he is a true, innocent follower of Christ, he has lost nothing. Rather, he is being embraced by Christ to suffer for the sins of the Church. He wanted to devote his life in suffering for the Gospel, well, now he got it. You cannot shame an innocent man. You cannot take from someone that which they do not freely give. This could be the will of God, that an innocent must take on the sins of the church. Sound familiar? Either way Cardinal Pell is getting what we as a church deserve, some visible show of true justice. God will be his true judge and if he has been true and just, his suffering will not go unnoticed or in vain.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

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