The Church has two Daddies

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Many years ago I came across a Greek Orthodox priest who had converted to Catholicism. We discussed the differences between the two faiths. In particular, there were two main differences. The first being: the Greek Orthodox church does not recognize the authority of the pope and second the Orthodox allow for divorce and remarriage. I commented that this makes perfect sense, since the Orthodox divorced from the Church authority they took on the error of divorce in their doctrine. He said he never thought of it that way. Today, I believe the Catholic Church similarly has taken on a physical manifestation of its sinfulness and error.

Our faith suffers from a sexually active priesthood which has left the church filled with priests and religious who are sexual predators. Like a cesspool that has overflowed the laity are now quite aware of the problems before us. The primary group pushing for acceptance of this priestly lifestyle of sin and immorality are the homosexual leaders in the Church hierarchy. They have been actively pushing for changes in the sexual teachings of the Church to justify decades of spiritual and physical rape of thousands of faithful.

Today, this confusion and error manifest itself with the appearance of something that has never happened in the history of the Church. The Church has two popes or as I like to point out the Church has two daddies. To be clear the Church has had several times in history where there have been anti-popes or the appearance of multiple popes. However, the Church has never recognized two legitimate popes existing at the same time. This is what we have today, two popes.

We see this confusion spreading throughout the faithful with cardinals constantly questioning Pope Francis’ comments and leadership and Arch-Bishops asking for his resignation. Bishop Athanasius (Anton) Schneider wrote a recent article on what to do with a heretical pope. This is unprecedented talk in well over a century.

For as long as I can remember there has been an idiom used to verify that something is factual:

“Is the pope catholic?” Today, when I speak to any faithful practicing Catholic, If I ask is the Pope Catholic, they all shrug their shoulders. It is an inside joke that saddens the faithful.

It is indisputable that Pope Francis has spread division, speaks in unclear terms and openly questions Catholic Doctrine. He refuses to acknowledge the plague of sexualy active priests and the homosexual culture that has overtaken it. He has reinstated preditors and his allies and close associates are cardinals and bishops who I would not leave alone with my children.

I myself had great problems with Pope Benedict stepping down. Our belief is the Pope is appointed by God to lead His Church, and I do not know of any good examples where he allowed people to say , no thank you, I am finished. I first think of the story of Jonah and how God handled his rejection of His calling. In the entire scripture, I know of no chosen leader successfully telling God, no, or, I am done.

When Pope John Paul II became ill many people asked how this would impact the Church. What if he lost his mind or isn’t he too old? Well, if we believe he is chosen by God does this really matter? God is in charge! Even if he loses his mind can God not prevent Him from error? Can’t God allow him to live forever? We seem to always want to put physical and spiritual limitations on both God and His will. Since Papal infallibility is a gift of the Holy Spirit and we have two popes then we have to say they are both infallible.

This situation is not in keeping with the entire history of Catholic Teaching in either Scripture, Holy Tradition or church discipline.

What we do know right now, is the Church lacks true leadership. We are swimming in priestly immorality and the fate of the Church will depend on the faithful, particularly the laity. The sense of the faithful “ sensus fidei” will safeguard the Church. A pope is not a teacher of new things but rather the custodian of the deposit of faith. Personally, he can be a heretic and terrible individual, he can allow child molesters and be guilty of it himself, yet he cannot change what has been taught. Right now, the Church has the image of a dysfunctional family with two fathers at its head and excesses of child abuse. In a spiritual sense, the Bride, and the Church itself, has been banished from the household. It will be up to us, the children to lead us out of this error and defend our Mother, the Church, the Bride of Christ. It is up to us to reunite her and her priests to the light of Christ, to purge out this evil, sanctify her priesthood, and defend her till our last breath.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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