Lipstick on a Pig

The Lantern Vol 10

It was in political comments that I first heard this expression. It is easy enough to understand, cosmetics do not fix an ugly problem. The Catholic Church continues to try this approach with the sex abuse crisis.

Many in the Catholic hierarchy continue to avoid the question of sexually active priests which are the root of the sex abuse crisis.

What sickens me all the more is they not only ignore the problem but try to justify the actions of these perverts. From the Pope to more recently U.S. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo they try to lesson this crisis by justifying actions unbecoming a priest. The term consensual is constantly batted about to give some sort of justification for priestly infidelity.

Lets get this straight. A priest is a spiritual father, counselor, who has promised to his flock and God, a life devoted to God. They have wed themselves to Mother Church.

There is no such thing as consensual sexual relations with a priest.

As a spiritual father this is incest at best. As a counselor this is a grave abuse of position and authority. As the leader of a spiritual family church, it is domestic abuse. As a priest wed to the Church it is adultery, and as a spiritual leader it is also dereliction of duty.

Our leaders have sunk so low that there is no qualification that would prevent them from acting like a priest. I use the word acting, because these men are not truly priests and bishops. They are sex abusers hiding under the mantel of goodness.

Our Bishops fail to address this because in many cases this is acceptable to them and they are doing the same or far worse. We have sunk so low in our expectations that we now try to justify the sickness of child abuse and priestly infidelities.

To even begin to find a solution, you must first recognized the problem and its cause. We must admit to it, then try to deal with it. In the Catholic Church today, many in the hierarchy are still trying to justify the problem.

This is why I continue to shout that our children and all the faithful are in danger.

The Catholic faithful are now as guilty as their priest and Bishops. We now know what has happened.

We have Bishops who knowingly closed their eyes to child abuse, and continue in their position.

We have perverts as Church leaders and we do nothing about it. We go to their masses, their special ceremonies. We invite them to our parish while we know, know, by their past actions they would let your child be repeatedly raped. These are the characteristics of our leaders and we let them continue to demean our faith by their presence. These are our pigs, and we should get rid of the lipstick and recognize the problem.

Nothing has truly changed because the leadership will not accept that THEY are part of the problem. It is like asking a politician to do the right thing which could leave them without a job.

All the while we throw upon them the grace and prestige of the office.

The Catholic Church is mired in a cesspool of immorality and the leadership is the problem, I pray the faithful church militant will put away our lipstick and make them do the same.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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