Not even one child

The Lantern Volume 12

Not even one child

I am not a person of politics by nature or choice but rather I must engage in this subject because I am forced to. Forced to because it is my moral understandings that guide my decisions in life, shape what views may be political. Today, people assert that all views are political as a way of undermining truth and love. Simply put , my values shape my politics, rather than my politics shape my values.

I was rather disappointed when an old friend came to the defense of Planned Parenthood.

This organization is probably the most visibly evil entity on the planet.

Their primary purpose and existence is to wipe out innocent children while presenting the service as a good to society.

I studied accounting so I am always looking at the numbers, because they can deceive. If one person trips and falls we have an accident, if two people trip in the same area we can read ,very truthfully, “this area has had a 100 percent increase in accidents” . It is this type of selective data that planned parenthood projects in order to hide their primary purpose. Their business is abortion, but they provide many “services” to try and reduce that statistic.

What If I ran a candy store that advertised, I cater to “family needs”. People who thought their families were too large came to me for a solution. You enter this magical almost “Willy Wonka” atmosphere. I take one of their children to the back and put them to death. I charge only $1,000.00 for this fee. Then I give the rest of the family 99 pieces of candy for $10.00. On my books and in truth I am a candy store and 99 percent of my business is giving out candy. Yes, my operating revenue is derived by killing children, but that is only 1 percent of my business. I am there to help the family.

This is Planned Parenthood’s operation. You can ask their former directors and workers if you cannot figure out the numbers. We can look into their past, their founder, who wanted to eliminate the poor and the blacks. Black women have 5 times the abortions as white women. Their founder was successful in her plan. Planned Parenthood is very successful in killing blacks and I am sure some people like this.

Years ago, I sat with a woman who operated three abortion clinics as she explained her sales strategies for growth. There were four stages. They gave sex education talks to schools because studies show kids significantly increased their activities after these sessions. They give out contraceptive advice that is most likely to fail and lastly they convince the kids if they are not sure trust them over anyone else. Finally, she said they would give fake abortions. If the girls were not pregnant they told them they were, and they would scrape perfectly healthy uterus's in order to get a tissue clump to be reimbursed. This she regretted. When people admit to me something they regret I usually think they are telling me the truth.

People who support this organization blindly, refuse to even listen to the people who have run the clinics.

Today we have motion pictures like Gosnell and Unplanned or undercover reporters filming Planned Parenthood operatives selling baby body parts. There is no excuse for anyone who looks not to know what Planned Parenthood and other clinics do and how they operate.

But none of this really matters in politics.

What if a politician has finally arrived that will fix all our problems? The candidate will fix immigration, feed the poor, give healthcare to all, repair the ozone and all this person asks for is that I approve of them killing one child each day. Only one child per day and we could reduce abortions by thousands. I would have to say no. I would recognize who this politician works for and what he asks of me. Many would say, George last year 700,000 children were killed, this is a great start. Yes, It seems much better, but yet, I must willingly participate or consent in the killing of an innocent child.

If I do this, then rightly so, the politician will ask why not 7 or 70, or 7,000 or 700,000. I would say “what kind of person do you think I am?” They would rightly respond “I ALREADY KNOW, now we are negotiating.”

Today we all think we are Gods. That we can fix the evil in this world by own own decisions even if they conflict with His will. He knows the suffering, he sees the hardships and allows the pain and death. I would rather do His will and trust in Him rather than us.

My understandings guide my politics not vice versa. I will not do evil in the hopes of a greater good. Most times we must choose politicians that reflect very few of our moral views.

Since I live in a society of living people the criteria I start with is Life. We must never purposely sacrifice innocent life. If a politician can rationalize murdering a child I cannot rationalize voting for them.

How can we trust someone with that as a starting point? Then they can rationalize anything and we, their constituents, are just mere living things, that can be discarded for their political views.

This is where people become intellectually dishonest. They wrongly argue that both sides might not live up to what they promised. The other side is just saying this for political points. So they justify jettisoning the moral argument as if it doesn’t matter. I believe if they were faced with the same decision as the child they would vote differently. If two politicians asked you for a gun, one arguing they have the belief they should shoot you as soon as they get it and the other promising not to, I doubt anyone would choose the former. As a moral person I have to start with taking a person at their word. One promises to help kill children, the other says they will not. That is what they told us. That is their own, admitted, starting point.

We talk about politicians views all the time to hide the real problem. Our views, the people we have become to live the life we want. I start with life, not because of who they are but because of who I must be. So for me, not even one child, for all the promises in the world.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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