I love President Trump and you should too

The Lantern Vol 16

There I said it, and now I must face the fury of many. This morning, in church, I was inspired to comment on this unusual subject.

On the surface It seems hard for someone practicing the christian faith to just come out and say this without a caveat. Truly, I must provide it because in this world of confusion we need clarity in thought and action. So let me start at the beginning.

When it came time to select a candidate I would say Mr. Trump was far from my list of acceptable prospects.

I knew him as an arrogant television personality. A man of wealth and questionable morals who seemed to run through wives and women like some people go through groceries.

I cringed when he went on television and had debates. He was coarse, direct and politically incorrect. If there had been another candidate with any type of good moral resume I would have personally campaigned against Trump.

As the primaries went on Mr. Trump began to grow on me specifically because of the times we were living in. I was somewhere in my journey with God understanding the mystery of cancer.

I am a man of analogies and I saw Mr. Trump as the medicine to fix a sick and dying society.

He was the chemo and radiation to fix a cancerous rot that was filling all of Washington and spreading throughout our country.

We needed something distasteful, radical and in some ways aggressively harsh to attack an immoral cancer filling our society.

We had become accustomed to being bullied by the immoral left of society. If we expressed any type of moral sentiments, or spoke in objective truth we were labeled a bully and a bigot.

A great apathy and fear overtook our country and people remained silent when they heard absurd notions. When those notions became socially accepted people lacked the integrity to fight the bullies of society because of peer pressure. A nation who seems so focused on fighting bullies in schools fails to recognize they are just a reflection of today’s society.

Then came Trump, someone they call a bully, because he won’t be bullied. He is the kid who grew up fighting and will fight back.

Many politicians promise the world and seldom deliver anything. When a president is elected I always give him a chance to see if he will be or become the person he promised.

President Trump did and is doing exactly that. He is trying against all odds to deliver for the American people what he promised. He is trying to do what is best. I see a man with all of his flaws allowing himself to be shaped and guided. As a Catholic this president has shown more moral conviction than my own pope and has done more moral good than any president in my lifetime. I am seeing a man face the world and try things never done before. He is trying to make a change.

He is a coarse, direct, tough, prideful person but one that I believe is open to God's will.

Trump is a rock. You throw him against a wall he bounces back and hits you. You hit him with the hammer and it bounces back or a chip hits your face. These thoughts resonated with me.

How can God use a person like this? Because He is God. What is impossible for men, is possible because of Him.

Here is a rock that God is using to paint a picture. President Trump like all of us is an imperfect person who, if he lets God work his will, can do wonderful things. I cannot help but think of the christian saying, “ love the sinner but hate the sin.” I do not see people loving this president. I have mostly seen several years of hate filled rhetoric. People are not accepting that God can use a rock to paint a picture. Maybe that is why even Moses failed when God told Him to get water from a rock. A rock ? A hard, immobile seemingly useless piece of material. A rock that becomes beautiful buildings, castles and yes, provided water by God’s command.

I love President Trump and pray for him each day. I see a man with many flaws much like myself yet a man who has opened himself up to the concept of a better , fairer world. He has allowed himself to be an instrument of God in a world of corruption. I recall another flawed man who became a rock on which Christ built a church. I pray God will bless this rock and help rebuild our country. He is a person, and I will love this man with all of his flaws if he tries to do good in this time of great evil.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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