Has the Church finally shown us the way?

The Lantern Vol 18

Over many years I have championed the idea of removing predator priests from service.

To clarify, I identify predator priests and bishops as any individual who has a history of repeatedly breaking their vow of celibacy or have been involved in criminal conspiracies.

Today, our church is still occupied by priests who simply do not share our faith. They have been involved in sexual relationships with each other, or the sheep they are supposed to pasture or they have abused our children. Bishops have embezzled hundreds of millions of our church funds in efforts to hide molesters in our midst, bringing financial ruin upon our institution..

So again, to be clear, I want everyone to understand the depth of the problem, I am not talking about a few priests but unfortunately vast numbers of men. When the sexual abuse reports came out they only focused on child abusers but investigations revealed prostitution, rampant sexual immorality and satanism. How do these men qualify as spiritual leaders? Like the child abuse that we uncovered, our bishops are quite aware of these problems.

Many faithful Catholics have hope for the future. I, like many others, hope the new priests are not plagued with these problems. How will they not be, if we allow them to be influenced by their current unfaithful peers. Recently, a perverted priest gave a recommendation to someone entering the priesthood. Someone I know who has struggled with addictions to pornography while in the seminary. As long as we continue to ignore unfaithful priests the longer our church will be plagued with the problems of the past.

People have always asked me what can we do if the problem is so vast? Our leadership has given us the answers this Easter of 2020. Close most of the churches. As a result of the Coronavirus church leadership systematically abandoned the faithful. All of our churches were closed, we were shut out. Correctly, it was explained we were not needed at Mass. It was so important for the lives of the faithful we did what we had to do.

Closing churches is painful and every parish has their memories of how they sacrificed for their parish. However, we are dying a slow death in our parishes. Our parish across the street closed its convent decades ago, then followed its school and it’s gym. These assets the parishioners suffered so much to build are not even allowed to be used by the people who built them.

The scandal in our Church is slowly closing our parishes as we try to lead Holy lives led by unholy leadership.

Now at a time when people needed God the most, the leadership shut them out, simply gave up.

There was no fight, no effort to help. This scandal makes all of the previous sexual abuses by religious now pale in comparison. This past Easter Catholics could get in an abortion clinic but not get in a Church. Every entity who had a belief they were important to people's lives fought to stay open. Our priests all had to be obedient to their bishops, the mantra we heard for decades that allowed our kids to be molested. So my Catholic brothers and sisters nothing has changed or will change. Just a few weeks ago my son asked me why an accused child molester and a recognized pervert said his mass. I said nothing has really changed.

For me when Masses resume my eyes and ears will be closed to every sermon I hear.

They don’t share my faith, they failed to witness.

What good can God bring from this? We see we can close churches and give Catholics a year or more of dispensation until we weed out these problems. Please, let’s remove every predator priest and bishop and start over. After this current scandal what more evidence do we need? Maybe the Church has shown us the way.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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