A  Conversation I Do Not Wish To Have

The Lantern Vol 19

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a talker. I love the art of conversation but many times I do not like to talk about ridiculous matters. Sometimes to enter into a conversation with an absurd topic exasperates me.

This is part of the problem with good people trying to help the Catholic Churches to reopen after the Coronavirus.

They are looking for a plan on how to undo something that never should have been done.

The Catholic Church's response to the Coronavirus was a reflection of group apostasy.

A completely secular response was given by a spiritual institution. Now, we look or want to discuss ridiculous efforts on how to restore something that should never have stopped.

During this crisis Pope Francis gave a special plenary indulgence for those praying the Divine Mercy.

The Divine Mercy has one theme, one ideology at its core, it is, Jesus, I trust in Thee.

This is exactly what we did not do. As a collective church leadership we ran for our earthly lives, not our spiritual lives.

During this time many of us have increased our television viewing. I was able to watch documentaries on the early church martyrs. The early christians martyrs jumped into the arena to die for Christ. People who stand in stark contrast to us today.

My wife and I just discussed that Jesus was crucified because he would not avoid death. He said two words that got Him crucified, ” I Am”.

Today our leaders think we can be Christians by what we say, not what we do. A Church leadership seething with sexual immorality and earthly greed exhibits a faith devoid of witness.

A faith without martyrs is empty, useless.

You see, the problem is our leaders denied their faith when the test arrived. Now they want us to believe that was reasonable. To convince us we need a solution.

Hmmm, the people who created the problem will now find a solution. Maybe we should just call this, protecting God’s children, the sequel.

This was just another example of a corrupt organization run by tyranny and fear. We ran from God because we feared death. Some priests ran from their faith because they feared the Bishops. I am not leaving, and neither should you.

However, I will not hold a conversation about the absurd. The solution to bringing the sacraments back is simple, unlock the buildings and please, never do that again.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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