The more things change the more they stay he same

The Lantern Vol. 22

From reading my previous posts you can surmise my complete disgust with the leadership of our Church. Now, as most state economies are emerging from the CoronaVirus the Catholic Churches are doing the same.

In order to justify abandoning the faithful the leadership must keep up with this charade that they did this for the good of the faithful.

I was blessed because after a few weeks of this apostasy I found a real priest who was having daily mass. It was so refreshing to see a priest living his faith at a time of adversity.

The mass was no different than most masses I have attended, except the priest faced the altar from the front. Since it was the same number of people who normally attend weekly mass we didn’t have to act much differently. Anyone who goes to a daily mass will notice people do not group. Our churches are large buildings and we usually sit about 40 feet apart. Because it was a daily mass, there was little singing which studies show to be a bad practice in the Covid era. Amazingly, without instruction people stayed about 10 feet apart for communion. People had masks, but no one used them because we were so socially distant.

As I thought about this mass it reminded me of the Latin Masses I have attended. The priest faces away from the people. Chanting and singing was done from the loft. There was no sign of peace and no public cup of precious blood. People were not walking around the altar; the priest did almost everything.

Now as we return to our parishes maybe we should really look at how we practice our faith.

The information on how a virus spreads is really common sense. Virus studies tend to show the longer one talks the more they exhale and the greater likelihood of contamination.

We have been instructed that our attendance is not necessary so let’s jettison all of these new practices. For the consecration we should use either Eucharistic prayer two, or use latin, they are both shorter forms.

If we are truly worried about a virus, then the priests should not face us and many of the new rituals should be replaced with the old. Let’s have two minute sermons, like “live the Gospel.”

I say this for several reasons. First, it cuts down on the possibility of spreading the virus. Secondly, we have done without the entire mass for months so why would you make it any longer than necessary. Finally, I really do not want to hear the opinion of men who failed to practice what they preach.

We should just have four or five, half hour masses. Then, at least the church leaders would be practicing what they preached, as far as the virus goes.

Now when we enter of Churches I see spray bottles and dispensers. Here are the common breeding ground for the virus. Don't have everyone put their fingers in Holy water . Instead everyone should put their fingers on the same Lysol bottle or container to wipe down everything they touched. Absurd answers to justify faithless actions.

Again, as always, I compare and relate this to the priest crisis. We have decades of priests who allowed the mass molestation of faithful at their bishops command. Then, when the problem was exposed they created an elaborate remedy, that was a hoax, so they could continue their apostate ways. Good priests had to be silent to cover up faithless priests

Now we have the same thing with the virus. Priests abandoned the faithful in obedience to their bishops. Good priests had to be bad, to cover up the faithless priests . Now we have a list of ridiculous practices to go back to church, as if going through new motions justifies our lack of witness.

Our Church is filled with apostate leadership who still abuse and abandon their flock at a moment's notice. Like the guards at Auschwitz, they are just following orders. Oh how mean, don’t compare the murder of adults with the spiritual murder and physical rape of children.

After the holocaust the laity had the integrity to demanded justice. To forever remove, the mantra of “I was just following orders”. Unfortunately, that concept now lives again.

Today few of the laity speak out. For decades now too many of the Catholic laity have remained silent. The more things change the more they stay the same.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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