Injustice does not balance Injustice

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Injustice does not balance Injustice

This week I may seem to vary from my posts and their relationship to the Church. George Floyd was killed by a policeman this week. There is no excuse! Now, as the details of his autopsy come out people are commenting on how he had drugs in his system and other physical problems. Again, there is no excuse! George Floyd was murdered by over aggressive policemen.

I have studied and taught martial arts for many years. The combination of that neck pressure and lack of oxygen killed George in seconds. I do not need an autopsy and I do not need to hear his medical history.

My understanding is the policeman had many prior complaints for abusive behavior. I have no idea if this was racist or just overall police brutality. No one should be treated in this manner.

Why was he not fired long ago? Justice should be blind and whether we are rich or poor, black, white or any color skin, a good person or bad person, we should all be respected by those we pay to protect us. They must first protect the dignity of the person.

There is much more to this story because law enforcement has failed us on many fronts.

We see the picture of the policeman with his knee on George’s neck, but we also see other officers who were on his back. Where was the common sense to show restraint. Now people are noting that these men should have known better. Although they were listening to their superior, as I mentioned in my previous post, they should have known better. Now the excuse of listening to their superior is being used to try and justify complete lawlessness.

This one tragedy was followed by others. We are a nation of laws where we trust in the system of justice. When that system fails us we can protest and vote people out of office, We are to vote for change. For decades I have stood by while countless children have been murdered and killed, primarily black children,through the method of abortion. Civil violence is not accepted in our society, or is it?

After law enforcement failed with George Floyd they also failed nationwide. People looted and destroyed and attacked and killed others in response to the first injustice. Law enforcement by their lack of action failed the public again. We the public were not safe, and peoples lives were destroyed. So I have to ask “do all law enforcement feel guilty for this crime”? Is their lack of action remorse because they are all a bunch of abusive or racist idiots?

I know that is not the case because I know wonderful law enforcement people, but in the public eye, they have conceded the argument. We hear that their leadership has told them to sit back and let rioting and other crimes go unpunished. So are they no different than the men who knelt on the back of George Floyd and did nothing? Will they also stand by and let terrible abuses to humanity continue because they were told to? Where is society's common sense?

Now, many people are somehow justifying the riots in some sort of way to balance injustice.

Injustice does not balance injustice.

I have heard some say this is a great response that shows how upset people are. Really, from what I see this is a great wave of injustice for people who believe they need free big screen televisions, designer clothing, new cell phones and liquor.

When it comes to law enforcement, how could someone entrusted with the public’s safety become so biased that they would treat people in such a reckless way? Well the riots are the reason why. George’s terrible death was an event where everyone agreed there was a problem with that police department and society in general.

The policemen were all fired. The worst of the group already arrested, people were and are demanding change.

However the riots now show why policemen become so biased. These riots have done nothing but reinforce the concept that society cannot be trusted to be civil.

Both white and black owned businesses have been destroyed and a black policeman murdered. These rallies turning into riots now blur our proper focus, to bring change. Those who honestly wanted change should stay home and regroup, because their agenda is hijacked. It is questionable if there will be real change due to the riots. George's tragedy has been eclipsed because many people now see a side of society they have never seen before. The riots are convincing people police need to use more force because leadership chose to allow lawlessness. This reopens a complete new discussion on why people should be allowed to own semi automatic weapons because we have seen law enforcement instructed to abandon their duty. Innocent families have to be able to defend themselves in case liberal leaders want to watch them suffer to atone for misplaced justice.

I pray for George and his family because they have to watch his memory be soiled by even more violence. The tragedy of the failure of the police department was something we could gather around. Instead of correcting the problem the police were instructed to continue in their abusive behavior. They were instructed to permit widespread abuse and destruction. This led to the destruction and killing of innocent people who had nothing to do with George's death. Law enforcement should have known better when they killed George. Law enforcement should have known better when they let others be attacked. Mayors should have known better when they instructed these men to abandon their responsibilities. Everyone of these people and groups need to be held accountable. So when we say the police should have known better we have to ask ourselves why don’t we?

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

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