Frankenstein Rerun

The Lantern Vol 24

As the political winds swirl around us we see the results of our apathy and lack of love to one another.

The recent weeks of debate and turmoil in our country only highlight the failure of our culture in relationship to God. God is truth, and our search for happiness is a journey with God and it involves learning that truth, living that truth and teaching that truth through word and witness.

Our nation was founded on the rule of law, the rule of truth. Today we are setting aside the rule of law for the rule of the mob.

We cannot deny a lot of the absurdity in today's world is a political battle, dealing less with the truth than with swaying political opinions.

A few weeks ago major protests broke out because people were worried about their lives and their futures. They had shuttered their businesses for the sake of the many but now they felt their lives were being destroyed. When they protested many cried out that they were being selfish and they were endangering everyone's lives by going out in public. I for one, thought if you want to protest at least wear a mask. But suddenly the winds changed, and an innocent man was killed. This led to a whole new protest where people flooded the streets and riots broke out. Now, the side that argued everyone was being selfish took the position these protests were important enough to risk everyone's lives.

What followed was amazing, in order to protest the loss of a black man's life many other black people were killed and their businesses burned.

We have tolerated complete nonsense over the past years in the name of political correctness.

Society has been bullied into accepting every ridiculous notion regardless of truth.

The political left embraced every deviation in our society to grow their numbers. They encouraged moronic absurdities and shamed everyone who questioned their new found friends,

Now they are reaping what was sowed. When the riots broke out the rioters attacked everyone. CNN, the liberal mayors, the liberal press, everyone. It was a rerun of Frankenstein, where the monster that was created now destroys its creator and everyone it comes in contact with.

What is next on the agenda? Now we want to erase anything that reminds us of racism.

At first I had a hard time understanding how something visual could be so offensive. My thoughts changed during the coronavirus. I live in Pennsylvania where I had to watch a man who thinks he is a woman, instruct citizens that we had to understand the science behind the virus. So yes, I was offended by an image of someone so confused about simple science being held up as a role model for science.

Now we want to rid the country of any image of racism. The mantra seems to be we cannot focus on the changes and successes of our society but rather we can only judge history by the present. This started with every poor soul that ever wore black makeup. Countless idiots have apologized for things they did in their past even if they had nothing to do with racism. I put forth that dressing as a famous black person without makeup is racist. Why would you be afraid to be black? Well, if we are going to go down the road of sanitizing history we must first rename or abandon the Democratic party. Historically, the most racist organization on the planet. Here is an entire group of legislators who fought for slavery. After the democrats lost the civil war, the Democratic south became the home of the Ku Klux Klan. Go watch the movie SELMA or MERCY, the biggest injustices against black people have been in the Democratic south.

For decades the Democratic Party has bought black votes like white settlers stole land from the American Indians. Trinkets and handouts were given while meaningful jobs were few and far between. Planned Parenthood one of the democrats main supporters was formed to eliminate the poor, ( which were blacks) and today disproportionately kills thousands of black children.

When Elizabeth Warren stole a minority position from underprivileged minorities no one seemed to mind. Do we really think Harvard looked at Elizabeth Warren, a white women from an elite family and felt she fit the model of someone who needed help because of racial discrimination?

What a slap in the face of minorities and everyone who supports these programs. In Chicago 30 percent of the population is black. Yet over the past year 390 blacks have died and 63 whites all from uncontrolled violence. This year they already have more deaths than in 2019, again, the overwhelming majority black. But in this democratic city, who cares.

So in past weeks in the name of black lives we have killed almost a dozen black people. We allowed their neighborhood businesses where they work to be destroyed. Now we want to rid their neighborhoods of police presence and shame black police officers who serve on the force. A solution that only increases crime in black neighborhoods. It is understood most black children suffer from a loss of fathers as role models and traditional families. Something the Black Lives Matter organization seems to devalue. For the past four years, we as a society, have finally given jobs to the black community but we are wiping out the gains we have made. If you told me these rallies were run by the Klan I would believe it. As one black commentator said he was perplexed witnessing mobs of white people burning black neighborhoods yelling black lives matter.

We have given credibility to every ridiculous concept and catered to and encouraged society's social ills because we loved votes not people. God and His truth have been set aside for political gains. We have created a Frankenstein monster of civil unrest that cannot be helped with reason. This is one rerun I hate to watch.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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