We have joined Pontius Pilate

The Lantern Vol 25

The Bishops and Catholic Church leadership are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The devil has given them, his minions, cover at a time when they most needed it. Like any political firestorm in the press, those most negatively affected by it pray for a bigger story to come along. This was the case with the Church.

Today, the Catholic Church is plagued by sexual perverts and predators who hold positions as Priests, Bishops and Cardinals. As I mentioned in my book, in order to cover up decades of child molestation, abusers systematically choose like minded individuals to promote from within.

Successors had to meet a criteria of dissent. Perversion either in theology or practice or both had to be embraced to be assigned as a Bishop or possibly parish priest. As a reminder, in Pennsylvania three priests who were identified in Grand Jury reports in helping hide decades of child molesters were then made bishops.

When there was finally a world wide a focus on the vast amount of sexual abuse in the Church the devil gave our leaders a savior they agree with, Covid 19.

The bishops first had to give the devil his due. In thanks, they shut down all of the sacraments. They taught explicitly through deeds and actions that the faith was non- essential.

They surrendered their right of practicing the faith to government authorities. The hundreds of millions of dollars that were lost from people withholding their contributions was replaced by over a billion from the U.S. Government. So what was their reaction to the the laity uncovering their crimes? Their grip of abuse and betrayal became even stronger.

Once again, priests who speak out against true evil are suspended as a means of “Pastoral Care” This is a buzz phrase bishops use to deny the faith and silence priests. It is why our children get raped. When a priest speaks out the true faith our leadership slaps them down. This was the case of a recent priest who spoke against the Black Lives Matter organization. A truly evil organization completely counter to Christ with mandates to destroy the family, especially the black families.

Corrupt bishops and peer pressure are the reason all priests had to deny their God given vocation at this time. No heroic sanctity, the devil would not like that.

Now, let me pause and say there are some heroic priests and a few bishops, but too few. Most priests back down even though they know it is wrong, which I truly do not understand. Since there is a priest shortage, then stand up to your bishop. Why deny what you know is true because you will be punished? You should know what a martyr is. You read the scriptures, do you not understand them? For decades you remained obediently silent while untold children were molested, have you not learned that silence speaks consent?

So now the government has said we can return to the sacraments and the God we denied. We have to have certain precautions. Remember your faith is nice, but don’t think God is in charge.

This is the reason for my writing today. You see it is hard for me to return to church with all the false pretenses that I have to see. I have no problem social distancing, but I ask why we need to have masks when I am three times the distance from every other venue I attend? Why do the priests take them off? Why can deacons and readers be up on the altar? Why do we have sermons? Why are people coming from the pews for readings? Why is the priest facing us?

It seems like we are living a lie. We are coming to worship a God who has no control or no authority over a virus.

What got under my skin the most is the hand sanitizers. These, in most parishes, are the common contact point for the virus, so you don’t get the virus.

This belief is at least in keeping with the poisoned theology we have been taught.

In Catholicism we say we have an all powerful, all knowing God that gave us His Son and revealed Himself to us. In the Mass, our lord and savior is actually present and we receive His body and blood.

Do we approach this with awe and sanctity? Most of us are dressed like we are going to a ball game or dinner with friends. Some chew gum and over the decades we have not been able to teach people what a profound bow is before communion.

This all changed with Covid 19. I witnessed every person walk up to communion and sanitize their hands first. In a few short months we taught the faithful what was truly important in Church liturgy. It reminded me of Pontius Pilate. Washing away our denial of God.

We can see the visible effects of our denial of God in our culture. At the forefront of this evil you can usually find a Catholic Bishop leading the charge away from Christ. How easy it seemed for them to abandon God and us.

When are we as Catholics going to wake up, or are we all going to join Pontius Pilate?

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
My personal story is available on Amazon 
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