Netflix Vs the Arts and the Family

The Lantern Vol. 28

Netflix verses the Arts

I cancelled my netflix subscription many months ago and today, I encourage you to do the same.

Since my earliest years, I have been a movie lover. I would (and still do) stay up late and watch movie after movie, no matter how old or sometimes how bad. My love for film even washed upon my children. My eldest son majored in film and someday I believe, although I’m a little biased, he’ll be a household name.

My family, like many others, came to rely upon tv and films these past few months especially. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been grounded at home seeking ways to amuse ourselves, since the outdoors was deemed a dangerous world.

I plunged into television and binged watched all my favorite series and shows. I searched the streaming services to watch kid friendly series with my children. We probably watched over a dozen new cartoons or animated releases on Netflix. That was until they presented something that was a bad or immoral example. Every childrens series we watched introduced my kids to the concept of homosexual relationships. I realized going outside was far less dangerous for my children than watching television.

One by one we no longer watched these series. I was shocked at how the arts and entertainment industry had bowed to popular culture. Not only had the arts bowed down to popular culture but they were teaching my children that morally evil activities were the norm.

People that know me well understand I am not a prude or an over scrupulous fanatic.

I spent a few years in a fraternity that made the movie “Animal House” look tame.

However, what I saw on these programs was so vile and disgusting that it even shocked me.

The level of pornography and immorality that many of these shows exhibit is disgusting.

I’m my 50 plus years I have watched many violent shows or shows with immoral content so what is the difference?

The big difference is every adult vice was transferred onto children. The dialogue and lifestyles portrayed by children and youth could not have been worse. I was truly disgusted by the vulgar language and blatant immorality of every new show I tried to watch.

This revelation was only made more clear very recently when Netflix announced the premiere of the French film “Cuties.”

Over the summer Netflix released the film called “Cuties” which many recognize as a film supporting child pornography. The subject of child pronography and its rejection seems to be the last bastion of morality in our society. So many people have accepted immoral lifestyles that nothing is considered wrong. Our apathetic society has taken a real “ they are not hurting me” approach to evil and immorality. There is a great movement now to push acceptance of child molestation and unfortunately I think our society will cave on this issue in the very near future.

Rolling Stone magazine said the backlash against “Cuties” shows the far rights obsession with Pedophilia. Really, you have a far right obsession when you stop pedophilia? Ok, I will be and stay far right on this subject. Maybe the next time a pedophile is caught with child videos on their computer they will argue they are producing a Netflix documentary.

Netflix has defended the movie using all the popular nuances of the day. To me this is no surprise after trying to watch many of the Netflix programs.

Recently the Oscars came out with their new diversity rules. Interesting how the arts now have rules. You can depict any religious symbols in the most wicked way and you are an artist. Now we see the flip side of the coin, “artists” are dictated to subscribe to Hollywood's immoral views as normal or you cannot be a true artist. When it comes to bad role modeling Netflix is way ahead of its time.

I cancelled my Netflix subscription this summer and I encourage everyone to do the same but this is not enough. Our children are besieged by an immoral culture that is so corrupt they think child exploitation is an art form. Parents of our generation think they are being socially minded and accepting of others. On the contrary, we are planting the seeds for our children to be victims. I already see countless children's lives destroyed because parents stood by while the evil grew in our world. When their children are lured and sucked into immorality most parents are “accepting” because they lacked the integrity to love those they did not know. They tolerated a generation of immoral images and lifestyles because they thought they did not affect them. No, they are only affecting our children and destroying their lives. When you child falls victim how do you explain your lack of response? I understand cancelling Netflix is a drop in the bucket to stem the perversions we live in, but let’s do this one thing, for all the children.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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