Do We Surrender To Evil?

The Lantern Vol. 32

The other night I watched the election process with family and friends.

Many in the room were troubled that former Vice-President Biden was winning.

I reminded everyone that this is the least of our problems and that the election was just a symptom of the sickness that has enveloped our society.

We witnessed a hate filled election where so many people hated someone that they would vote for murder and immorality. The adage is they would cut off their nose to spite their face.

The devil is well at work today in all aspects of society and he has a firm grip on the media and technology. I recently watched a documentary called the Social Dilemma.

It shows the well meaning tech generation that has helped create a monster that now influences all of society. The thought police have taken control. This election process was a great example of how people were manipulated to vote for evil.

I need to clarify that statement because so many people do not understand what they did.

There are two party platforms and as I said before one is morally evil. The democratic platform supports murder and immorality. I understand people not liking a candidate. Then do not vote for them. But to vote for something evil means you participated in supporting that cause. Simply put, if you voted for a democrat in the Senate, House or President you voted to murder children. You can say that was not your intention, but it was theirs, in writing, and you agreed to it. I like to refer to the Democratic Party as the Demoncratic Party. They have so lost their way. If you watch their commercials there was little mention of God in any of them. Why? Because God offends their base. They need the Godless for support. What does that tell you?

Am I surprised if the Republicans lose the election? Not at all. It always goes back to the adage of a fair fight. The base of the Republican Party is people who believe in God. Not just believe but practice that belief. The press like to refer to this base as the Evangelical Christians. In some sense it is meant to be a derogatory term to identify those self righteous people who actually practice a faith in God in their lives.

This is why you see so much distrust. A party without God will cheat and steal and do anything to win, they have no qualms. Their values are based on their wants not others needs. We have seen this over the past four years as countless scandals have been revealed under the previous administration. Not just scandals with the regular politicians but countless laws were broken by those who were in charge of keeping them. People in charge of our private lives and security threw out every law to justify their beliefs in a Godless world.

Why do Republicans often accomplish less than Democrats? Because they are moral and try to do the right thing. When Republicans win big their religious nature compels them to say, let’s work with others.

When democrats win with any measure, they say we have a mandate for change, let’s do just what we want, there is no working with others.

When the Democrats booed the mention of including God and Israel in their platform in 2002 it was a wake up call to the parties base.

Later commentaries on that convention tried to justify the boos. They said they were not booing God but rather that the Democratic Chair ignored the will of the convention. (The will was to not include the God language in the platform).

There is no clearer example than the recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Here is a woman with impeccable character and credentials and not one democrat voted for her, even though they knew she was getting in. To show unity, they disrespected a good person who has worked hard to achieve her status.

How many times have we seen this partisan divide?

When it happens on the Supreme Court it shows that we cannot elect Senators to the Democratic Party.

We might like them, they might say they are independent thinkers, but when the time comes they follow politics.

So people will argue with me that the democrats did what the republicans did when an appointment was ready under President Obama. Each side wants to point out the partisan politics of others. I know there are bad people on both sides but one platform is not evil. We are missing one point.

Why are the Democrats overwhelmed by Republican Supreme Court appointments? Because, when the Democrats took complete control they changed the rules for voting for the Supreme Court. By their selfish act they provided the path to install three new justices that they do not like. The Supreme court is to be non partisan, it is to interpret the constitution. Over the decades the power associated with this position has corrupted judges for decades. Some want power to legislate rather than to interpret.

We are living in an age where we are moving backward both intellectually and morally.

It is interesting to see how we are almost back to the times of ancient Rome. A civilization which justified moral debauchery and persecuted christians.

This has occurred over the past decades as the Catholic Church has fallen into ruins.

I of course do not refer to the physical closing of Churches, but the bigger problem that evil has taken root and spread in the hierarchy of the Church.

Rome has fallen into heresy and anarchy and many of our diocese are no more than sexual playgrounds for perverts. People for decades have argued with me that our priests should be able to get married. I argue why, they are already having sex what would marriage do?

Perversion and selfishness do not work themselves out in the confines of a marriage, they only destroy love.

I see an America that evil wants to destroy through socialism and rampant immorality. If it continues, yes, there could be another civil war. That is not where the battleground should be.

The battle is in the Church where countless laity, the church militant, have laid down their arms and surrendered to evil and complacency.

Today is November 6th 2020, and the daily readings of the Mass are right on point.

"For many , as I have often told you and now tell you even in tears conduct themselves as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is their destruction. Their God is their stomach; their glory is their “shame”. " Phil 3:17-4:1

Our battle is with evil and it resides in our Church leadership, from there it spreads to society. Currently great evil is openly spoken or openly ignored. We must never give up hope and we must pray and fight for goodness. Until we demand holiness in our Church we will not have goodness in our country. The former has and will poison the latter.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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