Hear the Glass Breaking

The Lantern Vol.45

Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed in prewar Germany. It was the beginning of the campaign to exterminate the Jews.

For Americans, that night was September 9th when President Biden announced his Vaccine Mandate. The program to exterminate the unvaccinated. There is no difference. The freedoms of every American were suspended by the government. Please do not fool yourselves to think otherwise.

I awoke this morning feeling as the Jews in Germany must have felt. Knowing the rights of freedom were stripped away. People are being persecuted and few will help them.

It was my senior year when I completed my term paper on the Holocaust. It was a history lesson that I am reliving today.

The Jews were made to be the enemy of society, as the unvaccinated are. The process started slowly with destroying their business and livelihoods just as we are doing today. The German people went along with the government then as we do today. Some are the Nazi’s on the extreme left who will do or say anything to drive this false narrative. The others are the liberals who, like the German people did, sit back and say, I got vaccinated, but I don’t agree. Like Germany, the fascism of America is no longer a threat, but is an operating functional government.

Like the Jews, Americans are being experimented on. This is not debatable since even the drug companies admit that. In violation of several international laws, people are being forced to comply with these experiments. We have decided American freedom can end if it is important enough.

Like Hitler's Germany, Bidens America has passed on these mandates to businesses and secular establishments. Our CEO’s are just following orders, that’s all. Just following orders.

As in the past, people do not want to know what is happening. Thousands have been killed by their government program and hundreds of thousands have been injured in their experiments. The numbers are there, easy to find, impossible to deny, like the smoke and stench from Auschwitz.

We just won’t turn our heads to look.

The Good people of America’s Germany just do not want to focus on this anymore. We all want our freedoms back so the Jews, I mean the unvaccinated, must be forced to comply. Then everything will go back to normal. Except, we have heard this before.

There are already several international lawsuits detailing these crimes against humanity. The question is who will rise up first to stop the tyranny. Today the world is united in this self destructive process and no nation wants to blink first. The science has pointed to stopping the Vaccine for months. Whose people will be the first to say, too many have died, we demand our freedoms back.

Then we look back and say how did we allow so many to suffer before we acted, who is to blame?

When the 30 somethings in all the drug companies and the CEO’s are on trial what will they say?

We signed Non-disclosure agreements so we let thousands die for the money. We did not want to be fined so we let our people be poisoned. The virus will go away but the effects on our culture will be with us for a lifetime.

Sadly, history has repeated itself and we have not learned our lessons, we have forgotten the streets filled with glass, and we are silent as it cuts our nation to pieces.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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