Ready or Not Death Still Comes

The Lantern Vol. 38

As I sat in Mass on Wednesday, the book of Jonah was read, describing how Jonah proclaimed that Nineveh was to be destroyed. The result was the people of Nineveh turned to God and repented.

I found this a striking contrast to our reaction to the Coronavirus. No, a prophet did not come to earth and proclaim that we will be visited by a chastisement, nevertheless, we do have a plague.

How was our reaction to such a terrible occurrence in our lives. Unlike the supposedly “ignorant” people of Nineveh, we did not turn to God rather we turned to man. Not only did we not turn to God but worship was the first thing we threw out the window. To this day empty or sparse church services are still the mantra of the virus response.

There are many verses in the Bible which tell us we do not know the time or the hour.

So I ask all of my friends, are you ready to die?

Many years ago I scared my CCD class because I asked them to imagine looking out the window and seeing the coming of Christ. He was walking down the street towards us. Then I asked them If they were truly scared and if so, what would they do differently in their lives and recommended they start doing that now.

Yesterday I was told the story of a religious man who was chastising everyone because he got the Coronavirus. I think my response to him, because of His position in life, might be “what have you done that you are afraid to die.”

I love this world and all of the beautiful gifts of God that are revealed to me each and every day, especially you my friends. I desire to live it and love it with my family and children so as long as God allows me. Yes, for as long as God allows me.

As a Christian I acknowledge not only a God but a resurrected Christ who has bought me access to the heavenly kingdom. Ask any believer, even a child to explain heaven and you are going to get similar responses with a uniform conclusion. It is better than here. We actually say, “it’s like heaven on earth” when we find something we really enjoy.

Heaven is the end all point for a believer in God. It is where we are all trying to get to, a better place. If we are honest with ourselves then our attitude must change. In football we try to score a touchdown to win the game. We love playing the game but could you imagine teams not scoring so the game could continue. We like to win, and death and heaven is victory.

We are all going to die someday, today, tonight, tomorrow, and we should be prepared now.

If you are truly scared of the virus or dying , then ask yourself why?

As for myself, I know I will never be as prepared as I would like to be to meet God. I have a mirror in my mind, and I see my true self: sinful, fallen, someone who fails Him each and every day. Yet, I must trust in His love, His Mercy, His forgiveness. I am trying to walk the narrow path and my Father sees this.

So many times during our troubles in life we fail to ask, is God speaking to me or to us?

When tough times befall us we reach out to God and pray. Unfortunately, if we do not get the answer we life or when we’d like it, we respond, “no thank you,” or “God doesn't hear us.”

As parents don’t we feel that way with our kids? When they do not get the answer they want they pout or are sad or think we just don’t understand. Yet, we do understand, and we do love them.

Look upon your past experiences and ask if after every prayer or every hardship or even after every death did you say Thanks be to God, and really mean it? Did you pray to him and sincerely thank him?

We approached this virus as if God is a player on the sideline that we will call into play if things get tough. If they are too tough, then maybe He cannot save the game.

On the contrary God is in charge, His will is being done. People get confused thinking God's will is not always present. In all things God wills it to be. He may will it to happen directly or he may allow it to happen, but God is present. It does not happen without Him. That includes wars, viruses, abortion. and all all types of evil that God has allowed mankind to bestow on themselves. We reap what we sow, yet God is always there to save us.

In my youth, I lost a sister who was a truly beautiful person. So beautiful that God wished her to be with Him. I wondered what would become of her family yet I knew God was in charge. I grew to understand in all things God is here. If I am called tomorrow my family will be better off without me. How do I know this? Because God is God. His Fathership so out ranks and outperforms mine. Mary’s mothership so outperforms my wife’s.

Therefore, my job is to lead my family to God and His holy plan, to make them members of His holy family, and to trust in Him completely.

Heaven is where God is, it is what I desire. Death is not the enemy, rather the ticket God grants me to approach His glory.

I have written so much on the virus and the vaccine yet my prayer and trust is in God. No matter what our decisions, I place you my friends and family in my prayers, in His grace, in His embrace.

Let our lives be a journey with God. May your example to your children and others show you believe in heaven and you wish to be there, yet God is in charge and you trust in His decision.

Pray for His protection, pray for your families, your friends and your enemies. Pray for His will to be done.

Like the game hide and seek, death says, ready or not here I come. I pray for you my friends each day so we may all enjoy heaven together. Be not afraid.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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