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The Catholic Conscience and a Healthy Humanity

The Lantern Vol 48

The Catholic Conscience and a Healthy Humanity

To a Catholic every weighty decision process must start with the conscience. A Catholic should have a “properly formed conscience” in order to make moral decisions. Reason being, one ought not let their choices be decided solely by their feelings, feelings which often suffer from concupiscence or in layman's terms self love.

Our decisions in life should be leading us to do the will of God in all things. If we only consider that which benefits us or agrees with our current train of thought we may not be properly forming our conscience. In some sense, this is the same idea as informed consent. A Catholic should learn as much as they can about a subject or situation in order to make a moral and rational decision.

This concept of informed consent flows naturally into the secular world. Today it is often reduced to “follow the science” although in moral terms that is not always the case because morality does not necessarily have hard objective scientific facts that one can observe.

For the case of this argument, I will “follow the science.”

Unfortunately, science has very little to do today with reality. The same people who yell “follow the science” cannot verify the definition or existence of “male” and “female.” When I was a child and we found an animal, to determine its sex, the answer was easy, flip them over. Today, somehow in many people's minds that would not suffice.

As I began to study the science of the recent virus epidemic, I ran into similar situations. Every time the science pointed to one fact there would be people who claimed those facts don’t count.

The important thing was we had to eliminate “vaccine hesitancy.” You see, to eliminate “vaccine hesitancy” you have to truly ignore informed consent. This is what I perceive as the problem.

The rules and regulations governing medicine that are in place today compel me to inform people of all possible outcomes.

Watch television and you will be bombarded with all types of new drugs and at the end of every commercial, a litany of possible side effects.

There is no drug in the world that acts the same in all people. Even the common aspirin is a danger to some. Peanuts can cause terrible allergic reactions, yet we would never hide peanuts as an ingredient because we are convinced the nutritional value is far more important.

Yet, somehow this is the case with the vaccines. It is forbidden to talk about any negative consequences of the vaccine because any negative commentary, whatsoever, would increase vaccine hesitancy. As if Dairy Queen should not mention peanuts because that would decrease possible purchases of peanut buster parfaits.

One of the first articles I read, details how informed consent was knowingly being withheld which I mentioned in the Lantern Vol. 40.

Since then I have seen numerous documents from the FDA and the vaccine companies mentioning side effects that were identified both prior and after vaccine implementation.

I have watched thousands of testimonials of injuries and deaths immediately following vaccinations and the government's own VAERS site now exceeds a million injury reports. Does this mean all of these numbers indicate a problem? No, but they do indicate an obvious correlation that must be studied. The science and the government websites caution this could only represent 1 to 10 percent of actual injuries. We have to ponder this number, because 1 percent alludes to 100 million possible injuries out of 200 million vaccinations and 10 percent would mean 10 million injuries. Either number would be unacceptable.. Of all deaths reported to VAERS, 50 percent occurred in 24 hours of vaccination, 80 percent within one week and 86 percent have no other explanation other than vaccine. All of this information is suppressed because that would cause vaccination kidding.

I watched Dr. Anthony Fauci testify that the reason VAERS might be inflated was if you were vaccinated and then killed by a car that shows up in the VAERS data base. Any rational person would doubt 50 percent or over 10,000 people at last count, got vaccinated and died from something like a car crash or any other incident in 24 hours. You can read the details of these accounts, they went to bed and died.

Here is one sample. Number VAERS# 1051651, 58 years old. Died after one day. Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, acidosis ,hypoglycemia, death Onset of abdominal pain was 30 minutes after administration of the vaccine followed by 20 plus episodes of vomiting and dry heaving.

Some reports just say, died in sleep. If you have not, please read some of the VAERS reports.

There are tens of thousands of people in the medical field now calling out, not only misinformation, but the censorship of information.

To follow the science you must have good data, not just the data that agrees with your position. I understand how so many in the medical field can not come to an agreement when so much data is rejected and hidden.

I have personal friends in the medical field who believe they have been injured by the vaccine and won’t even report it to VAERS because of their job.

How can you have informed consent? How can you “study the science”, when data is inaccurate or manipulated? A Canadian alliance of doctors has weighed in on Pfizer's initial studies.

Thank God for Omicron. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Omicron has dispelled the notion that the vaccine does anything to stop the spread. The notion of “breakthrough” infections does not hold when the scientists claim everyone will probably get Omicron. The Lancet article from December previously mentioned that infection rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated were nearly equal at that time.

The numbers that come from the British Department of Health show even more alarming numbers as reported by the news. Over the last few months 286 percent more deaths from Covid of the Vaccinated.

However, possibly more concerning is the new data that does get through. A recent Danish study says the vaccines are now producing negative efficacy.

This means they make you more susceptible to the virus. This was a possibility the science alluded to at the start of this epidemic, which I mentioned in the article I referenced above. It was also a previous warning from Doctor Anthony Fauci.

Recently, a CEO from a national insurance company brought to light that in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2021 Americans between 18 and 64 were dying and being injured in historic numbers, and not by Covid. How historic? A 10 percent increase in these ages would occur only once in 200 years and we experienced a 40 percent increase. Hospitals are recording record numbers of people coming in with issues not related to covid.

When vaccination started I expected people to have adverse reactions in proportion to vaccination. Not because anything was wrong with the vaccine but because as I said above, no one reacts the same to medicines. We were vaccinating unprecedented numbers of people so any injuries should coincide with vaccination. Yet, when vaccinations leveled after the summer the injury and death reports did not. They continue to climb, which suggests an indicator of long term reactions.

The recognized science is changing, and that data is showing alarming problems. As I watch the nightly news, what was considered “disinformation” only a few months ago is now talked about as if everyone knew this was the correct data. If we continue to hide and sensor information because it could cause vaccine hesitancy we destroy the idea of informed consent. The conscience does not properly function in this environment, and as a result neither does the health of humanity.

. .

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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