The Last is really the First

The Lantern Vol 39

I had just returned from Holy Thursday mass, the commemoration of the Last Supper. The Last Supper, the beginning of Christ’s sacrifice which ended with His final words, ”It is finished”.

The Last Supper of Christ which to us as Christians is really the first supper. As Christians we reenact this over each and every day, re-presenting to God the Father the sacrifice of His Son.

Maybe this year it is particularly meaningful to me of how we celebrate this perfect sacrifice of Christ. As Christians we are to become like Christ and somehow the world is a perfect stage to remind us of His sacrifice.

We look around at society today, even from this great nation, and see a world so thoroughly corrupted. A world that hates and persecutes Christians and all they stand for. You might think, not in our country, but yes, especially here in the United States.

It has started with a persecution of our beliefs, our values, a denial in the truth of Christ. First, the devil must make all that you believe, seem unreasonable, hateful, bigoted. What you believe must be rejected by society. In order not to be criticized we remain silent. We sit around and permit this evil, and trust me, we are next. We think we are being tolerant, nice Christian people. We are being foolish to allow absurd lies to be spoken and promulgated. As our society protects these lies with bad laws we set the stage for our own persecution. We are making it unlawful to speak the truth.

Like the scene of Christ before Pilate our current society says “what is truth” as we deny the very concept of truth and morality. Social media and the “woke” society are no more than a pretense to persecute believers of Christ's truth. We now witness the advent of communism in the United States as our speech and freedoms are curtailed. For the past year we have set aside our faith and proclaimed a new savior, man and his vaccine.

Just as it was at the time of Christ so many of those entrusted with God’s word and institution have been corrupted by the immorality of the world. His Church lies in ruins as people flee from teachers who spew poison and lies. The theology of men has replaced the teachings of Christ.

We are often reminded that history repeats itself, and so it seems as we cast our eyes on the modern world of the Romans. A decadent, morally lawless society so wrapped up in it’s innovation and greatness.

As I enter into this Holy Weekend, more than ever, I share in the life of Christ. A savior who with His last supper provided me with my first supper. A supper of repentance , forgiveness, and a sharing in the divine life of Christ. Each and every mass Christ saves me once again. From each and every failure the Holy Mass lifts me back up to a redeemed child of God. It is the Holy Mass that saves us from ourselves. That saves the world from its sinfulness.

Like my savior before me, beside me, within me, I see the world that He saw. A world falling apart around me, a world that hates all that I love. So many faithful Catholics see the apocalyptic signs that surround them and wonder, how long Oh Lord until your return?

Yet we should be comforted, because unlike the early christians we recognize and enjoy all the sacraments of Christ’s Church. We can put on the armour of God each day, and we have multitudes of faithful saints and souls who have preceded us, to help us. The Last Supper became our first supper and at each meal we share in the divine life of Christ. With such a legacy we should not fear the darkness but rejoice in the light. Each day we can touch the Son of the Most High. Let your souls and your homes become the Household of God. Let this and every Easter be a reminder of the triumph of the cross. A victory that cannot be taken away, a celebration in recognizing all the blessings God has bestowed. Have a blessed Easter...each and every day!

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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