The Untrustworthy

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We are entering a time in Church History where there are so many questions about Church leadership. The Hierarchy of the Church has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted.

After decades of sex abuse by clergy a nagging question is how were we so unable to recognize or report abuse and why is it that it is still not properly addressed to this day?

I continue to point out that first and foremost the abuse in many cases was reported but covered up. There were many warning signs of abusive priests both then and today. As each day progresses more priests are accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Because the Church no longer has credibility in policing its own, some who are innocent will be lumped in with the guilty.

Why does this problem of credibility and sexual abuse continue, and why are we unable to protect our loved ones?

As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Although not in all cases, the majority of sexual abuse that occurred and still occurs in the church are committed by those who disagree with the Church’s teachings, primarily on issues of sexual morality. This is not hard to understand because it is the foundation of the protests against every religion. People wish to justify their lifestyles and beliefs so they find a theology they agree with. People who think stealing is ok, steal, people who think rape is ok, rape, and priests who think the churches sexual teachings are wrong usually are having sex or are engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior.

The majority of people also underestimate the level and degree of the problem. We do not have a problem with a subculture in the Church but rather the current culture of the church is one of sexual perversion. The subculture in the Church are the faithful priests.

This problem is very apparent even in the Pope himself.

For decades I have dealt with Bishops who taught like our current Pope with a perverted theology. I always refer to today's theology as a victimized theology. A theology produced by decades of perverted teachings by perverted teachers. A theology that is in itself is corrupt and a theology that corrupts those it comes in contact with.

For decades we have had priests being taught by peers who disagreed with church teachings.

Many, many priests were brought up in an atmosphere where sexual immorality was considered a way of life in the priesthood. We have decades of priests who were corrupted in the seminaries where they were instructed by perverted peers and sometimes sexually abused by them.

I personally have watched three successive bishops allow sexually active priests to remain in office. Priest predators are an accepted way of life in the Catholic Church, at least by church leadership.

For decades we have been lulled to sleep. Apathy over moral issues has overtaken the world. We tolerated the mass destruction of children as they were marched into the concentration camps of Planned Parenthood by their mothers. We have taken an absurd approach to addressing evil. We can stare it in the face but unless it speaks back to us, we deny it exists.

The scriptures prepare us for this confusion. It is not the hot or cold that offends God but the lukewarm.

Catholicism is the light of Christ’s teaching. These perverted teachers obscure God’s truth and present it as unreliable. They allow false opinions and false teachings to be spread and their answer is silence. We have become complacent with the concept that Bishops who allow evil to spread are not responsible because they did not start the evil. We assume they are just stupid bishops or misinformed and uneducated men. Maybe this is the case with the current person who holds the office of Pontiff. This pope has been raised and taught by a generation of child molesters. Priests with victimized theology. He is a graduate of the perverted mentality, a mentality formed by the culture, and not by Christ. If you have a priest or bishop verbally support the rape of a child and the Pope remains quiet then he is responsible. Silence speaks consent. The Church is now full of dissenters who have the implicit support of the Pontiff.

Years ago I argued the position that the pope is not a policeman who goes out and corrects each individual priest. The Pontiff is a teacher that clarifies the Church's teaching for the world. This is how he corrects those who present error. Pope Francis is creating error and spreading evil by writing document after document that cast doubt on the integrity of teachings of Christ. In the current church the all knowing God cannot be known.

If our children went to school and were taught 2 plus 2 equals four yet there are opinions that it may also equal five, we would want that teacher fired.

Catholic moral teaching is well defined but you see all kinds of questions being floated in today's theological discussions that seek to confuse the public. This is the work of the devil. Yes, there are unwitting agents, priests and religious who are seriously so confused they have no idea of right and wrong. Yet we cannot ignore that many of these leaders have an evil agenda to spread confusion. An agenda that supports their sexual perversions.

Over the past year there have been discussions about allowing people who are married, divorced, and remarried to receive communion. The German bishops are noted as the primary backers of this corrupted theology.

We forget we are speaking about theology and not points of law. The arguments have nothing to do with marriage and divorce. The concept is much simpler and diabolic. Destroy the roots of obedience to God. The new theology is we can disagree with God and live a life of what we think is right, and still be faithful children. The idea has been around for decades in politics. I am a Catholic, but not when it comes to political life. It has been nurtured by the silence of evil and corrupt clergy. This is a social concept supported by leaders who agree they can argue with God. They have an all knowing God who is simply wrong on some issues.

Years ago a sexual perverted priest explained at lunch that he thought the Church’s teaching on homosexuality would change. He identifies as a homosexual, has been reported as a child molester to the bishop, admitted to soliciting young men for sex and currently says mass. In the testimonies of child molesters in the Pennsylvania Grand Juries child molestor priests explained, this is what priests do. This is their understanding, they have convinced themselves their actions are just. They are supported by many of their peers.

This current push for changes in receiving communion has little to do with divorced and remarried people. What is really going on is an attempt to justify, legalize in the church, a corrupted sexually active priesthood.

If people with sexual attractions to each other can live together in sin and still receive communion you have justified 50 years of priestly immorality and child molestation.

Priests with same sex attractions have been immorally living together and corrupting each other for decades. If we change the theology of people living in sin then we can justify a perverted priesthood.

When I advise people today of priests to avoid we can say I use the creepy meter. Many people often say this to me.

Priests who have pictures of scantily clothed children on their phone are creepy. Priests who share immoral pictures with kids are creepy. Priests who crawl in bed with men are creepy. Priests who support men and women sodomizing each other are creepy. Priests who tell me they have a problem with the churches teaching on sex are creepy. Priests who support other priests who are sexual predators are creepy.

When I run into a priest who exhibits these attributes or vocally supports them, I tell people I would not leave my children with them alone. It makes sense as a parent, and in the last few decades this attitude would have saved countless people from sexual abuse.

These men who hold these traits are untrustworthy and yet these are some of the same traits exhibited by Pope Francis. His continued works that confuse the faithful on matters of the faith and morals are both dangerous and creepy. His continued promotions of accused child molesters and bishops with perverted theology like Bishop Gregory are creepy. Cardinal McCarrick was accused of being a pervert, Cardinal Wuerl was reported to me of being a pervert and now we have the perverted theology of Cardinal Gregory. The coverup will go on and on. I would never leave my children in the care of Pope Francis or the care of anyone he recommended. His theology is perverted and his response to perverts is anemic. His explanation and defense of our faith is untrustworthy. For decades we see perverts say something nice and holy, like this will be the year of Saint Joseph. But then they invite you in to take off your clothes and we all act like everything is fine.

Since his inception people have taken an approach that we just do not understand this Pope. We do not need to understand what he says, only what he does not say. As the bible says by their fruits we shall know them. This papacy is poisoned and by his actions and inactions I would not leave my children with him. He and his minions are untrustworthy; their theology is perverted. Since we are all children of God, that should tell you where we are today. We are all children being abused by their spiritual fathers. The sooner we call out the poison in our Church the sooner we will save the souls of the faithful. If you study Catholic Church history it has its terrible popes but never so many lax and naive followers. The Church is filled with those unworthy of our trust and it is up to us to rectify this problem or we join the ranks of the untrustworthy.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

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