We Awoke To Find Socialism

The Lantern Vol 36

I awoke this morning to find I live in a socialist country. We have seen all the signs coming for the past several years.

In the largest Christian denomination, Catholicism, our leadership has been infiltrated with socialist agendas many of which seem supported by the current pontiff. As I have mentioned before socialism as taught for centuries by the church, is just a political name for stealing. The teachings of Christ have been clear that this system is not only wrong but evil. Socialism feeds off of the sin of envy, desiring what others have, even at the cost of destroying them.

In educational circles, most of our institutions have been hijacked by teachers who think so much is wrong with our society and have influenced so much of today's youth.

It is not until our children begin to actually live in the world that they recognize the errors of their education but unfortunately, often the damage has already been done.

Recently, in a California third grade, students were taught about the dominant culture. This culture is ”created and maintained by those who belong in this culture to hold power and stay in power”

“Dominant culture in America: White, middle class, Cisgender (your gender matches with the sex you were assigned at birth), educated, able-bodied, Christian, English speaking.”

We should not be surprised at this racist definition because this mindset is being taught throughout our schools and in our businesses. We are to be “woke” or awake to injustice, and anyone establishing a lifestyle that is conforming and good for society is not woke.

The political landscape supported a socialist candidate and no one blinked, and even today they want to destroy the previous leader because their values are not his. It is a world of hate and envy.

Socialist agendas are openly discussed. Michael Beller, a Principal Lawyer for PBS at the time, made these remarks. “If Biden wins, we go for all the republican voters, and homeland security will take their children away and we’ll put them into re-education camps.” If Biden loses he said” Go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails”

Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortes is a New York Congresswoman and self-proclaimed socialist who openly recommends making lists of other party members who supported Trump and going after them after the election.

As soon as the new legislative session began, the House changed the rules on how we must refer to people. No longer sons or daughters, but generic unfeeling impersonal generalizations. It was the first act of the new socialist speech police.

In a communist and socialist country, free speech is the first thing that is curtailed. We witnessed this over the past few years gaining momentum. Yes, you can say what you want, but if it is not in line with the proper authorities, you will be boycotted and abused. Singled out as a scourge on society.

Silence speaks consent is the understanding and proper context of how we arrived here today.

Even today I have people who think somehow we are unloving or unkind or worse, phobic in some manner for expressing concern for people who are morally wrong.

When I observe a friend, drunk with their car keys am I being self-righteous to stop them from driving? Maybe this is who they are, who am I to judge! This is what we have devolved into today. We must accept falsehoods and lies to be polite. We must deny truth, fact, and science.

We see this in the absurd titles we now give ourselves to express our sexuality. Somehow when a man asks that I call him a woman I should lie to them to be polite. What has propagated this trend? Good people for whatever reason were and are silent in the face of lies. Their silence and complicity have been so harmful to society. Evil is always looking for a foothold, to advance in the world. When we give that foothold by our silence, then evil takes one more step forward.

Across the United States families were asked to inform the government of family and friends who were not wearing masks.

People talked about Trump and say he is like Hitler. So their answer is to round people up in reeducation camps, silence their speech. Turn in their neighbors and family who do not comply. Don’t point and yell Jew, Jew, yell mask, mask.

A friend and I discussed Antifa this summer and they appeared to support the idea.

When I first saw an Antifa group they were wearing masks and brown shirts which invoked in me the images of early Hitler movements. In my youth, I studied concentration camps and Hitler's rise to power. I interviewed both a holocaust survivor and a german citizen of that time. Their views and these studies left a big impression on me. Antifa was violently protesting a nonviolent political rally. Antifa is a far-left communist organization. By definition, they are fascists who say they are fighting fascists. In our redefined society, fascists are now primarily conservatives who support capitalism.

The corporate socialist companies love to take your money but they are in bed with the current government. They openly used their marketing engines, web sites, and information vehicles to manipulate information prior to the election. There were recorded conversations of big business leaders colluding to decide what they would release as news in order to control the narrative.

People polled said they made well-informed decisions, yet later recanted because they knew nothing of current events. They learned after the election information that would have changed their minds. Never knowing that every news feed they read was tailored to their communication devices, whether it was phones or computers. If you watch the “Social Dilemma” you will understand how this was done.

As soon as their socialist politicians were in place, they shut down competing information vehicles by using monopolistic strategies. Now that the government and big information technologies have conspired together, who will protect our interests? A few years ago these tactics would have triggered the government watchdogs to break up these monopolies and launch unfair trade investigations.

That will not be the case today, because these dogs are the Government's pets, or is it vice versa?

We often talk about the subject of immigration, people who are fleeing oppressive governments. Please talk to some of the refugees and transplants to our society. They see what we do not want to, America has fallen and the question is how deep will it go. They are scared because we are giving up what they had to fight for and finally flee to escape.

For now, some people are happy and ecstatic because they see they are getting what they want or in some cases who they did not want, removed.

Socialism is an easy thing to get into because it is self-serving, we love to have things at any cost. Especially if someone else foots the bill.

The problem arises when those ideals are then used on the people who supported them.

We saw this recently with riots in Washington. Those who supported and coddled a culture of destructive protests are now shocked when they occur on their front steps. A little too close to home I guess. They blame everyone but themselves and act like they don’t understand how people would act like this. Washington was quickly filled with troops because the elite thinks they are above everyone else. Police are unneeded, over violent racists, unless they are protecting the right side.

While all of this goes on, the uneducated college graduates are creating and supporting a deficit of monstrous proportions that they alone will have to foot the bill for. Yes, we will pay the price for a short while, but future generations will be enslaved by the culture and debt we created. Trillions will now be funneled to pay off foreign governments with no little help for our own nation.

For America, we are now past the point of no return. People hate to say this because it implies there is no hope. We have allowed our silence to raise three and four generations of uneducated, morally confused people. This election and acceptance of socialism show that the majority of people do not understand what has happened. Now the socialists and communists are emboldened and will take greater and larger steps toward their agenda.

I think President Biden's tenure will be short-lived. His declining mental condition which was well hidden by many media outlets will become more apparent. My experience with people with dementia shows stress accelerates the problems. I believe he was intended to be a short term puppet president whose agenda is tailored by the socialist left. Some news outlets are already starting to question his ability to serve. Will we soon see more and more of his mental incapacities displayed in order to allow a takeover by his socialist Vice President? This will not be a new recognition of his poor state of health but a slow unveiling as part of the socialist design. I believe Biden was pushed as the candidate, precisely because he could be replaced because of his mental health. We are sadly mistaken if we do not understand the socialists will start acknowledging his poor mental health in order to take power.

In October 2020, just prior to the election, then president-elect Biden implied Executive Orders were the work of dictators and not how America should work. He has signed more Executive Orders in his first week than any of our current presidents combined in their first weeks.

Those of us who were quiet, silent and thought I would raise my children differently, now have no choice. Our children will pay the price for our silence. They will be “reeducated” youth just as they were in Germany. This was the common united thread of media releases in the first days of the administration, reeducation camps.

We have wasted so much time trying to be “woke”, that we never really awoke until it was too late. I believe only God's intervention can save us now. Sadly, He allows us what we ask for, and socialism, whether we agreed or disagreed is here.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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