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Who I am


Hello, I have been a practicing catholic and lived in our diocese  all of my life.  I am a local business man with a wife and six children and I reside in Hollidaysburg Pa.  I have been involved in parish life for many years on either parish councils, pro-life efforts, helping with festivals or teaching children or adult religious education.  I have actively supported the church in both my secular and work life. I am a simple Catholic who loves my faith.   For work I am the Vice President of an advertising company and for recreation I hold a Masters degree in Tang Soo Do Karate.  I am also on the board of the Lay Stewardship Foundation which was started years ago to help spread authentic Catholic teaching using the media.  They are the sponsors of this web site.

Why I do this


Shortly after Bishop Adamec was installed I witnessed a number of practices in our local church which were contrary to our faith.  These ranged from support of pro-abortion politicians to articles from our priests that contradicted our beliefs.  After talks failed with the bishop I began writing articles in the newspaper about these troubles.  In 2003 the Boston scandal hit and a man came to my office because of my outspoken comments regarding the diocese.  He had been abused as a child and wanted my help in correcting this situation.  I told him I would see what we could do and began to look into the problem.  Sometimes God opens a window but this was more like a garage door.  


Soon I was faced with evidence that priests who were my pastors, teachers and family friends and many others had been involved with a pattern of child molestation and sexual activity on an unbelieveable level.  During this time they even approached my own children.  For months I took to the papers and internet to expose this problem but the faithful did not want to believe it.  Over the years I worked in the background to prevent child molesters and these sexually active priests access to our children. Finally in 2014 the Attorney Generals office decided to look into the case. This was brought on by the scandal at Bishop McCort.  They came to my office because others told them of my efforts.  I turned over my files which apparently helped them uncover what we know today.   Even with all of this knowledge the Bishops have not corrected the problems with priestly immorality.  Priests remain in place until they are arrested and they continue to have access to influence your children or worse assult them.  The diocese continues to act in secrecy and deception.  This is not a problem of the past but a current and future problem.  I can no longer wait for change while countless people lose their faith because of corrupt bishops and priests.


What I can do for you


I am here to be your voice.  Many victims and families and friends have come to me for help.  Sometimes they don't want to be seen or get involved in the public spotlight.  Sometimes they want to tell their story becasue it helps them and it brings to light the depth of the problem.  


They recognize something has to be done or this will continue forever.  I am asking for your support which consists of telling your story.  So many people have peices to the puzzle of who are  child molesters.  We have several accusations now, but as Catholics in good faith want further confirmations and evidence. With your help I want to restore your faith. Purge the predators from our priesthood, sanctify and restore our church and defend our faith from further damage.

This is not a site attacking the Catholic Church, it is a site defending and protecting it from the evil within.  Hopefully it can bring you and our faith healing and holiness.  We are to be the light of Christ to the world. Together we can hold up the light of Christ and push this darkness away.

God Bless.

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