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I had the opportuniyt to visit the legislators while they were looking into changing the statute of limitations.


While some seemed to support this option, I can tell you first hand some had already made their decisions.  There was an open panel discussion on the issue and key legislators from the Senate just coudn't find the time to attend.  I do not know why or for what reason, but some of our leadership had already made up their mind.


I need to  direct everyone to one point that they all agreed upon.


 Apparently there was enough confusion on the legal issue, that they had to get the opinion of experts.


So by their own admission, they were not sure if this would hold up to a legal challange.


So we all have to ask why, why did they not vote to do it!   Why did they not take the chance, and error on the side of children?  I think our children are worth the risk of a court challenge.

Why do we as citizens have to put up with unending laws that have no basis in truth, yet when it comes to protecting children we can't take the chance the law will be appealed?   Shameful!

What is the result of their inaction.? 


Dozens of unregistered child molesters are roaming the streets.  


The legal system failed us, and rather than take the risk, they are allowing dozens of child molesters access to our children.

The is no Megans Law to let people know who they are, there are no criminal prosecutions and now there will be no civil suits.   As it stands, the legislators (and I am speaking especially about our senate), changed the bill, and by their action or inaction, have put molesters in the reach of  our children.  

One thing these men may never realize.  Their families are at risk, and I am willing to bet someone they know, love or care for, has already been touched by this scandal.  They just don't know yet.  I wonder how they will feel years from now  when they realize they didn't act and their nephew, neice, cousin, son or daughter, friend or family member suffered or continues to suffer because of them.

​This bill was crafted over a decade ago and countless children have been molested while they tabled the issue.  Please look into which Senators voted to amend this legislation and let them know our children are worth the risk. ​

Then, ask them how are they going to protect us from the dozens of molesters we have in our neighborhoods.  This issue isn't finished yet, don't let them off the hook.


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