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Pray, pray, pray and do something

The goal of this site is to inform people of the problems in our diocese so we can understand, address and help those who have been hurt and heal the diocesan church itself.

With that in mind I ask each of you to pray for all those affected by this tragedy.  Those who have been hurt, those drawn in to participate and those who committed these crimes.  Souls belong to God our Father, and we want all souls to go to HIM.  

We are God's people, His children, in with that in mind I ask you to pray as we actively work to solve this problem.  Please pray with me.

Heavenly Father,

We are all your children who become tempted and fall.  We fail to live up to the example of your Son Jesus Christ.  Many of the people you have chosen to guide us have failed in their responsibility and have hurt and abused your children both in action and by inaction.

Please send us your Holy Spirit to guide us in these times.  Renew us

with your saving grace and help us to seek justice, then mercy and always love.

Remember especially those children, our brothers and sisters, who turned to your leaders and were met with abuse, and anger.  Give them the grace to heal so they may return to your church and not deny  themselves your loving Sacramental graces that you so generously allow your church to dispense.

Jesus our Lord.  We so often come to you with our problems and we struggle to follow your loving example.  Give us the courage to die to ourselves as you died for us.  Help us to do what is right, something that is not popular in a world that is so confused and so broken.  There are so many souls now lost and hurt and confused, not sure of where to turn.  Send you Blessed Mother with all your gifts to embrace her children and carry them back in her arms to you.

Mary, hold these broken souls in your arms as you held your son at the cross.  Pray that your spouse, the Holy Spirit breath back into them, his Holy Spiritual grace that has been beaten out of so many of our brother and sisters.  

Father, you adopted us all as your family.  Gather us back together and heal our wounds, especially those abused by their own brothers and sisters.  Help us with this task, for in all things we strive to do your will.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

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