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The Sacrament of confirmation is where Catholics receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  It is a

spiritual growth for the baptized Catholic.  


To confirm something is to establish a truth or reaffirm a belief.   This is the result of the Second


Grand Jury report.   For me personally, it vindicated so much of my research, beliefs and statements


regarding the cover up and it's far reaching effects.  The report proved that the sex abuse crisis was


widespread and a systematic problem in the whole church not a small diocesan problem.

It also continued to reveal that the problem stems from sexually active priests with homosexuality as


a predominant  factor.  We also saw an orchestrated cover up shared between dioceses across state


lines.   The Dallas Charter was exposed as a cover-up with no real intention of fixing the problem. 



These confirmations were a real and substantial support for all of the work that had been done.  What


we did not understand or maybe realize was this was, and is, the work of the Holy Spirit.  


Finally,  the exposed horror of child abuse emboldened others from across the globe to come


forward. Not just lay people, but priests, bishops and cardinals now realized their silence had


contributed to this scandal.  Finally, after decades of silence, intimidation, and punishments the


ecclesiastical community was coming forward.  A confirmation of facts, and a confirmation of the


Holy Spirit renewing their resolve to live the faith in a time of limitless error and apostasy.

May of these voices are silent again because the corruption of the Church hierarchy is pressing down,


trying to strangle the voices of its priests, but their work cannot be undone.






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