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Archbishop Vigano

Now that we have priests and Bishops joining the fight and defending the Church there has been no


greater light coming from the Vatican than Cardinal Vigano'.

Cardinal Vigano' was appointed as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 till 2016 by


Pope Benedict.  This is an ecclesiastical diplomat and a very high ranking office in the church.  In the


United States problems and complaints regarding Bishops, their appointments and communications from


the bishops conference would pass through here to Rome.  ​

Prior to his appointment the Arch-Bishop was asked to investigate the Vatican Bank.  In 2009, Viganò

was appointed Secretary General of the Vatican City Governatorate. Where he quickly turned 

a $10.5 million deficit into a surplus of $44 million in one year. In his investigations it is believed

he uncovered vast corruption involving homosexuality at the Vatican.  In response he was made the

Apostolic Nuncio of America.  This was seen as a punishment to get him out of Rome.  It is generally


understood that Vigano' is a man of extraordinary character.  

When the McCarrick scandal became public, Vigano' decided he could no longer deny Christ's call to


defend His church and joined the ranks of Catholics who would finally say, enough.  His letters detail his


struggle to reveal the truth of the corruption that permeates the Vatican and Church hierarchy.

Vigano Letter 1 August 26 2018

Vigano Letter 2 September 27 2018

Vigano Letter 3 October 19 2018

Since the release of his first letter Vigano' has been in hiding for fear of his life.  He, along with others who

support him, have made statements that they fear being killed.  When people ask "would people in the


church kill someone"  please understand the simple answer is, yes! 

 Vigano' uncovered millions of dollars hidden in slush funds around the Vatican.  When any organization,


no matter how righteous, becomes involved in illegal, criminal and immoral activities where millions of


dollars are at stake, people die.  If you doubt this, just think, a former top Vatican official is in hiding, so he


believes it.

If you want to dive into more of the Vatican scandal with interesting discussions I recommend listening to Dr.

Taylor Marshall.












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