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In all of this tragedy one thing remains constant.  Nobody but the laity has really paid the price for all of this corruption and crime.

The diocese has effectively kept child molesters from going to jail.


In order for this to happen think how many people had to know what was going on.   We had lawyers involved, insurance companies involved, financial people involved and  the list goes on.  No one seemed to have the integrity to stop this problem.

We need to find out who participated in the cover-up and demand they be removed from service.

I want to give one example of how inept the diocese is in this ongoing scandal.

To do this we have to look at my old alma mater Bishop McCort High School.

I already covered the Principle Sr. Donna Marie Leiden in another page.  This school was the setting for multiple child molestations and rapes.  Principles were involved, Vice principles, teachers,  maybe a dozen or so people who have passed through this school have been child molesters or sexually active priests.  All of this was known or should have been known by the diocese.  They had multiple letters from victims families and paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to families and left these men in place.

Businesses are responsible for hiring credible teachers.  Brother Baker had a past history the begs the question, how did he get hired.  How did the diocese not do the proper research of his previous assignments.  This man was never removed until people read about his other crimes on the internet.  

In my talks with people involved at Bishop McCort they seem to agree many people had to know what was going on.  In some cases dozens of kids were molested only 20 -30 feet from other peoples offices.  Many people have dropped the ball in protecting our children.  It is time to "come clean" if we want to rid ourselves of this problem.

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