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Guilty Hierarchy



It takes a village is the new adage people like to use to talk about fixing societies problems.  I use this


saying to help explain decades of child molestation.  It takes a village to molest so many children and


get away with it.  Now that village is disbanding, running for cover, faithful Catholics are sounding


The wave of revelations in Pennsylvania has emboldened many others to come forward.

The simple parish priests such as  Father Edwin Palka are revealing what has been happening on the

local levels and how the blackmail and corruption has curtailed faithful priests.  Please read all of


Father Palka's articles.   

As more and more victims come out faithful children of God are emboldened to take on the corruption


in the hierarchy. Ex Cardinal McCarrick is one such example.   Here is a man who was considered a


power broker in the church and particularly took credit for the election of Pope Francis.  His reign of


perversion and corruption spanned many decades and his negative influence on the church and it's


leadership has helped corrupt our current generation of Bishops.

I have commented greatly of the great deception of the Dallas Charter.  Cardinal McCarrick was the


moving force for shaping that document.  He was the one who asked whether "one strike" was too


harsh.  The Dallas Charter was constructed by a child molester and priest predator to help hid he and


his ilk.  

The second Grand Jury report also opened our eyes to how many priests involved in the molestation

cover-up were promoted to Bishop.  Three men from Pennsylvania made this prestigious cut.  

Bishop Mark Bartchak in Altoona, Bishop  David A . Zubik of Pittsburgh and Bishop Joseph Sistone.

Not surprising both Sistone and Bartchak have members of their inner circle recently accused of child


In my snarky thoughts, I am surprised at the holiness of so many Pennsylvania priests involved in

massive sex abuse crisis.  This only helps validates my assertions that molesters are replaced by

molesters and their accomplices.  Father Edwin Palka also has some excellent comments on this that

he titled An Apocalyptic Pandemic . 

The Grand Jury was able to reveal that Cardinal Donald Wuerl was also involved in this cover-up.  So

we now know two of the most influential top Cardinals in America were involved in the child

molestation scandal.

I had already received two complaints about Cardinal Wuerl so I was intrigued that he was now being

retired do to his involvement.  Of course Wuerl's diocese was teaming with child predators.   When I

did a little research I came across people who insisted the Cardinal had ties to the mafia.  Now, ties to

the mafia and the church are like coming across bread and butter at a restaurant.  What interested

me is this person linked Wuerl to a murder of a priest.  I did not think much about this until the Grand

Jury report also mentioned this priest and that he was blackmailing Wuerl threatening to reveal the

sexual priest problems in the Pittsburgh Diocese.  Wuerl had not yet been removed at this time and I

was preparing to comment.  I had already had someone report that they had witnessed the Cardinal

in a sexual act, yet I could not get a second collaboration.  By God's grace I was put into contact with

a priest who worked directly with Wuerl for an extended period of time.  

This was a very unassuming priest and gave me no impression he had an ax to grind.  

He did not collaborated that he knew anything that Cardinal Wuerl did that was sexually

inappropriate.  However, after a few minutes he did make a comment that even took me back.

He said, that after working for him for over many, many months "he believed that there was no limit


to the level of evil this man would do."   

The priest then went into telling me about another priest , Father George Zirwas who had blackmailed

Wuerl and was found was murdered.  He gave the impression he believed the murder was a "Hit". 

I do not believe he had any first hand knowledge of this but rather he believed Wuerl was capable of

being involved.

He told me Zirwas was killed with a lethal injection of chemicals to the neck which is true.  Ziwas was

killed during a homosexual encounter while in Cuba.   I researched this story and Ziwas

was killed by two men who were caught and sentenced.  Though there was no connection to Wuerl

I wondered if the investigating officers knew of the blackmail. Facts can be found in the second grand

jury report on page 233.  What we do know is the blackmail was successful, there was plenty to


Anyone researching priestly infidelity can read many stories over the years involving Rome itself.  

There have been numerous scandals in Rome and many are tied to sexual cults and homosexual

activities.  Like most of the Catholic Church scandals, people do not believe what has happened no

matter what the evidence, because they cannot find a priest they trust to confirm these problems.

If they are so evident why won't any of these good priest or bishops come forward.   Now this has

changed, especially after the Vigano letters.




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