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This page is dedicated to reviewing the detrimental effect all of this has had on our children in an entirely different way. 

Over the past two decades the financial resources of the diocese have been sapped to secretly pay for much of this abuse to our children and families.

While our children were abused they were also being robbed of a catholic education.  To pay for these crimes and affairs the diocese has steadily increased the taxes to the parishes.  I have worked with several parishes which had hugh debts put on them by the diocese for past taxes.  These parishes were all forced to close their schools.

We hear the word "consolidation" which is used to make us feel this is in someway right.  A better word is closing.  We have closed over 16 Catholic schools in just twenty years.  I do not want to go into great detail about the arguments on this because it would take another website.  To put it simply we have allowed our children to be molested and now we have allowed future generations of kids to be denied, robbed of a proper Catholic education.  

 In responding to the call for catholic education the church admonishes us with these instructions.


Among the means of advancing educationChrist's faithful are to consider schools as of great importance, since they are the principle means of helping parents fulfill their role in education. (Canon 796)


Parents must have a real freedom in their choice of schools. (Canon 797)


Parents are to send their children to those schools which will provide for their catholic education. (Canon 798) and finally Christ’s faithful are to promote catholic schools, doing everything possible to help in establishing and maintaining them. Canon 800.

This is our church's teaching!  This is what we are to belief and follow through with.


 What can we say about our diocese but a total and utter failure!

How can our Bishops just ignore the churches teachings yet tell us not to?

Why do I call it stealing?  Because they have spent money we gave to support our churchs and schools to hide sexually active priests.  

Let's look at a more current issue.  They are trying to force the Catholics to have no choice in Catholic education, a direct violation of Canon 797.  

The Bishop has taken over the schools that did not fight back.  In a sense they let themselves be robbed.  I will use St. Michaels parish as a great example.

The people of this parish and St Marys have funded a viable flourishing school for Catholic education.  Members have sacrificed their time, treasure and talents to make this happen.  The have a building that they built and maintained worth tens of millions of dollars.  In fact they recently upgraded a portion of the school for about $250,000 dollars.  The diocese loaned them the money and was having them repay it.

The diocese closed their school, and is reopening it's own school.

All of this under a new system that the schools parents and families voted against.

Wait here is where it gets good.  The diocese will rent the entire building back from them and pay them slightly more than the amount they paid the diocese on the upgrade to the building.

Please understand that for decades we have been funding the Catholic Education fund through annual taxes.

One more time for those who don't understand.  You shelled out millions of dollars to build a school and someone is going to rent that from you for pennys and still collect from  you to help them pay the bill!  Are there no moral Catholic business men at this parish?  What are you teaching your children?  Why do good parents allow this to happen?

  I must say the diocese is good at one thing.  Abuse!  Abuse kids and families spiritually, physically and financially!

How are we EVER supposed to trust a diocese that by it's own laws and standards disobeys and ignores its own teachings and faith.  It is as if they just cannot stop doing the wrong thing.  And my fellow catholics, we are responsible, you and I.

Going before God pleading ignorance or "just following orders" is a lousy excuse to explain how we let His Church fall into ruin.  We are responsible!

They are stealing from these two parishes and then asking the parishes to keep funding the activity.

People who think they are being good Catholics by supporting unethical and immoral activities have lost their way.  You are the reason the church is in the condition it is today, you are part of the reason kids were molested for decades.

We are idiots to let this happen!  This is the situation at all of our school except St Patricks where the people have been abused enough to say stop!

Abraham Lincoln said "to sin by silence when thou should protest makes cowards of men." 

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