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Why they can't stop and why we can't either

After  working on this problem for so many years I am sad that so many people do not want to do anything to stop this.  A lot of this resistance comes from people who refuse to believe their priest, pastor, confessor, family friend, cousin, brother, you name it, are child molesters.  We have spent a lifetime around these men and never heard anything.  They are the nicest people , helped us in troubles, cared for us when we needed it.  What we did not know is they had a problem, and why is that?   With many other social ills we see the effects on the surface.  We notice when someone has too much to drink or when someone acts oddly from the effects of drugs.  We understand and recognize these problems, so a friend or an associate cannot explain them away as anything

else but what they were. 

I have pointed out many times that we can also recognize bad priests.  They simply disagree with the Catholic


teachings.  You see it in their lives, their teachings, their sunday sermons.  They constantly explain away the


actions of bad people, they justify bad actions and they support "liberal" causes.  When they support immoral


people why do we think for an instant they are not acting immorally .  They practice what they preach.   Their 


causes always seem to fly in the face of Church teachings and are led by people who also deny the faith.  Years


of false teachings and bad examples are explained as a "liberal approach".  These men reached out to us, they


loved us.  Or did they?

I recently read a great article by Diane Dimond a syndicated columnist that I had to supply here, to my readers.

Several years ago a lady who worked for many years with sexual child abusers called me.  She explained what I

had seen and fought, but yet not fully understood.  These men do not stop.   They are polite, friendly, cunning,

but above all deceitful.  This lovely lady encouraged me to continue my efforts.  

There is a reason why I believe that these men fall into such recidivism.  With so many other societal problems

they are diagnosed then treated.  Neither of these occur with priests who are child molesters.  The problem is

and was never properly addressed and they are, and were, never properly treated. 

I believe the treatment is almost impossible.  An alcoholic on the road to recover stays away from alcohol,

likewise a drug addict stays away from drugs, but you cannot separate a child molester, especially a priest, from

children.  They are everywhere, they are part of society, part of the fabric of the Church. 

These problems we exaggerated by bad bishops like Hogan, Adamac and Bartchak who vouched for the


perverts and allowed then continued access to children and the faithful.  They were part of the lies, part of the


cover-ups part of the molesters team.  These men were found out and exposed decades ago, but because the


faithful "just  don't believe this"  we have decades more of abuse.  Please read Diane Dimonds article and if you


still trust these perverts then please, just count yourself as one more victim.













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