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Thank you for having the courage to visit this page.

This site is to provide a place where you can submit complaints about priestly or religious immorality which is or has taken place in our diocese.  


My name is George Foster and I am a regular Catholic in the diocese of Altoona Johnstown.

Over the years I have been involved with trying to restore the beauty of the Catholic faith by first of all trying to get the Bishops to be shepherds.  


There are two ways you can contact me. Call 814-942-3574.  This will go to my cell phone or answering machine.  


You can also use my email                                                                              


If a priest or religious has been involved with you, a family member, or friend at any age this is an abuse of their office.   


I have spoken or communicated with many victims or families over the years.  I will only do what you ask me to and will keep anything you wish confidential.  Many people have allowed me to share their stories in some facet because it helps reveal the depth of the problem.


I understand those of you who have been violated might not want to come forward but this is the only way to stop this problem.  I do not wish you to be a victim in anyway a second time, so I respect your decisions.


For those people who know of these problems and are not victims I implore you to come forward.  


As Catholics and christians we are called to be the light of the world.  Those who are silent continue to cast a shadow on the church.  We are called ot speak loudly and testify to that truth.  Even more so we are called to follow the life.  

If were a teacher, guidence counsler, housekeeper, gardener, landlord, janitor or neighbor you can help.

This makes us uncomfortable, doing or saying the right thing when the easy task is to be silent.  Have we not learned our lesson?  Secrecy and silence and darkness are the weapons of evil.  Those of you who thought you were protecting institutions like your church or school ; you were not!  You were, and maybe are, protecting abusers and the system of abuse that they have spun for decades.  

If you are saying to yourself "I don't want to get involved" remember this.

If you know of something wrong and keep it to yourself,  you are involved, but not on the side of Christ.

This is not about the past, it is about the future.  


I have accusations still pending regarding priests and or religious, males and females.  If you were young and in a relationship with people who were to protect children, people who were to guide you in life, people who were entrusted with your care you were abused!  You were manipulated!  You should not be ashamed that you were taken advantage of by those whom you trusted.  A student is not at fault because they thought they gave consent.   Please come forward if not for yourself for those others you did not know of and to protect God’s children in the future.

To My Brothers and Sisters who are Victims

To those who are hurt and suffering I can only offer my apologies and efforts.


I want you to know you are not alone.  The men and women who have done this and continue to do this are not good representatives of our church.  The Church is Holy and loving but like every organization it is run by humans who can be corrupted and lose their way.  

There are many of us, fighting and praying for you and our church. Not just here on earth, but all of the Saints before us.


Remember that Jesus Christ is our example and He was crucified by His Church leadership.  This did not cause his followers to leave the faith, but rather His example only increased their faith.

I can only try to understand your anger and pain and feelings.  I just do not want you to be robbed of something good, because of bad people.  These ciminals and wolves stole something from you.  Do not let them continue to do so.  When you leave the faith you let them win, over and over.

One of the reasons I fight to restore this church is because it can be beautiful once again.  A true place of refuge from the evils of the world.  I need your help.  You are more important than ever.  Do not become discourgaed and do not let these thieves take from you the beauty of the graces that God has given so lovingly.

I am sickend and saddned to the point of tears each time I hear your stories and even worse when I hear how they have effected you for so long.  

If you need professional counseling I will recommend someone to you that both understands the problem and the faith.  Someone who is not a priest.  I can understand the natural apprehensions you might have seeing a priest, especially in this climate.  I need your help, your prayers.  

Many of you have great animosity and anger to the Church. Please direct it to where it will do real good.


Don't let this be a fight with God against His church, but rather a fight for God and His church.

God loves you and he will heal  you.  Many people in this world suffer.  God allowed His own Son to be crucified.  This is about our fight against the evils in the world so we may enjoy the splendor of heaven.  

We all suffer in this world but together we can all prevail.  Let's recognize the task ahead of us is 

hugh.  The Church's leadership is sick and we are the cure, you and I.  With God on our side we should never give up hope.  It is not whether we live to see the victory.  It is about staying in the fight for what is right.  If we walk the path with Christ and give our lives, he will pick us up a carry us when His Father calls.


You are in my heart and my prayers.  Please, never give up, you are not alone.

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