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Here's the text of the threatening letter to Fr. Nale


Priests Federation Of Altoona-Johnstown

Johnstown, Pennsylvania


May 30, 2003

Deacon Joseph Nale 
211 Powell Avenue 
Cresson, PA 16603

Deacon Nale:


In that you were proven unquilified to serve the modern Church during your 2001 assignment and were evaluated and given psychological examination which proved you mentally unfit to join our ranks, we, the Priests Federation Of Altoona-Johnstown, hereby ask you to consider making a simple choice:

1. Either fail to present yourself for orders; or

2. Leave this diocese and petition for ordination elsewhere.

Your continued presence in this diocese is simply unacceptable to our membership and many clergy outside our ranks. Our bishop has communicated to us that he is unwilling to act on our demands to deny you orders so we ask you to take this act upon yourself.

If you do not select one of the above options and are ordained into our ranks, you will suffer certain consequences.




Priests Federation Of Altoona-Johnstown

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