Does teaching our children to steal make us a better society?

The Lantern Vol 14

We are besieged by countless Americans pounding the door for socialism. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of public schooling and corrupt church teaching. We have a system in place where the public is forced to pay for education. Those teachers benefited from this socialistic mentality so apparently they have been teaching theses qualities as good. We have a church full of sexually abuse clergy who have taught relativism to these teachers in order to empty the conscience of their flock and live a life as they please. Now, we are faced with countless young adults and some older adults who push a socialistic America.

Socialism is stealing, plain and simple. It does not make us better people, it makes us worse.

If a person takes my wallet in a back alley I have been robbed. If three people take my wallet I was accosted by thugs. If a dozen people take my wallet I was attacked by a gang, yet if 51 out of a 100 people in a room vote to take my wallet I am supposed to smile and say that’s America.

Socialism takes hold when we have so de-evolved in society that we really do not care to be better people. A good person freely gives of their wealth to help others. A selfish person votes to take it from others. When someone steals from another person I seldom hear the victim say , I am a better person for that.

In countries where they pay huge taxes to take care of everyone, you don’t see a heartfelt love for their neighbor in need. On the contrary, people dismiss those in need because they have been forced to give their money for social programs. If the poor or indigent cannot get by with the social services the mentality seems to be heck with them.

This is expected and we see it in America. Billions in tax dollars have been stolen from the masses and redistributed to others. We don’t go about smiling of how we are taking care of our fellow man, but quite the opposite.

I live in a country where by agreement (the constitution) I pay taxes for the defense of the country and the general welfare of all. These taxes were to be uniform to be fair to all concerned but taxes have now become a way to redistribute wealth rather than to provide a common good. The republic we live in was constructed to be governed by law, but the law has been discarded for public opinion. Judges are now selected based on whether they will obey the constitution or rewrite it in their image or that of popular culture. The Republic is replaced by a democracy, and all democracies fail because the masses. When the law no longer protects all people equally, we open the door for chaos and socialism. Socialism, where taxes are a form of stealing in order to give to specific interest groups. We have given up our freedoms and enslaved ourselves to the government. Our lawmakers now steal our money to buy votes. That is the majority of our taxes today. While we were supposed to be a nation governed by the rule of law, the law has become corrupted and twisted undermining our entire nation.

History teaches us socialism is just a push for power whose foundation is built on stealing from others. It ultimately destroys society and is only a precursor to communism. It is about power not love. It does not make us better people, only bitter people, as it should. I should not feel better by taking from others.

The problem we now face is a generation of children who have grown up lacking values because, we were selfish. They are now coming to power and we have taught them stealing is the way to go. The question is now is it too late to re-educated our people. Have we undermined our society too much to be able to stand firm in faith and values and combat a popular culture of ignorance that we have created.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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