Another senseless killing spree, please let’s ban those brushes.

The Lantern Vol 15

So we have another horrific killing spree and as I watched the events unfold there was a politician asking,” when are we going to fix this problem”. Of course he was referring to guns, yet we know that the weapons are not the problem, they are only instruments. The politician doesn’t get it because he is part of the problem. There have been many mass killings, whether by guns, swords, explosives, airplanes, trucks, you name it. It is never the instrument that kills but rather the person or people involved.

We don’t really want to define or know why this is happening, because we are the why, we are the artisans of these tragedies.

Why do people do terrible things? Because they are taught to do so by us, society.

We often see people raised in good homes, even religious homes that make terrible decisions and do terrible things. When I was a child and did something or said something bad, my parents would say, ”who taught you that” . They knew I had to learn it someplace, other than our home.

Today we are besieged by a culture that has decided there is no real right and wrong only peoples perspective. Our current society fullfills this vision. We like to be good people so we redefine what is good to justify our actions, and call into question anyone who tries to raise the bar or question our behavior.

Our society supports me choosing my sexual identity. I can be a man, or a women or unidentifiable. But it does not stop there. I am bullied by society if I question someone choosing these absurd ideas and notions. To alleviate our conscience we believe if we identify as something, it makes it right for us. I am a bisexual, homosexual, metro sexual, indian american women every Sunday, so don’t be so unkind or insensitive as to question my actions or state of mind.

So we have another shooting and I am shocked that people are surprised or upset. According to our society this person might have been born this way, or discovered this is who they are. Their intentions could be pure. They might be saving the world from over population (Thanos in the current movies) or helping reduce global warming. Maybe these people killed were not really wanted or were unhappy and did not have perfect lives, (abortion). Maybe they were making room for immigrants or just helping the poor. These killers might have believed they were saved by Christ so their actions are really are just a bump in the road to their salvation.

Whatever the reason, who are we to judge, right? We should only hope that he felt good. Our society today embraces every action and decision and lifestyle as morally unquestionable. Our media besieges us with a constant rhetoric of being too judgemental. There is no truth anymore, only what we feel is right.

This is another senseless tragedy “in my opinion”. Yes, so many people will agree with me today, but tomorrow we will embrace every concept that hurts our fellow man because we no longer have the integrity to teach right and wrong. We would rather have our brothers in sisters live in a world of confusion, so we are not called a racist or bigot or some phobic individual.

Because of our lack of true love, we tolerate the absurd until it becomes the norm, then we do not have the integrity to confront it. We bow down to the pressures of society who never wants to judge until there is another killing spree.

We, our society, have painted this picture of what it means to live in today’s world. It is a world with little truth, no absolutes, and a picture of selfishness and killing to live as we please. Our politicians won’t do their jobs and change the law so they encourage people to break the law. We are the artists and if we are in any way sincere then we have to put down the brush and scrap the current canvas.

The picture we have painted for our children is a culture of selfishness, abortion and killing and no self control. It is an indifference to people’s problems. An acceptance of evil to avoid objective truth so we don’t have to face the peer pressure of cultural indifference. What we need to do is ban the brush and fix the problem, which is our culture, not the instrument that people choose to use.

We should not be surprised by another killing, we have painted this picture. The politician was right about one thing, when are we going to do something.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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