Are we to blame?

The Lantern Vol 26

Throughout my many blogs I speak in certain terms. Terms dictated by my faith or might I say, my learning my faith. To the American citizen the times we live in are very troubling. Our country is founded as a republic, a land governed by laws.

When we determine there is an injustice we can make a change at the voting booth. The process should always be peaceful. This is not to deny a public outrage and initial violent reaction to a grave injustice like George Floyd’s death.

However, violent insurrection forcing change is not American. Yes, it was American when we resisted the oppression of British rule, but our new republic guaranteed it would not be necessary again, and it is not.

Peaceful protests are the way to change minds in our republic. Lately, we see a new trend and it is a trend born not out of George Floyd’s death but out of our apathy and lack of response to evil.

For many months a large segment of the population has given credible support to Bernie Sanders and his socialist views.

To the well educated Catholic this is a non starter. Catholicism teaches correctly that socialism is stealing. It’s basis for growth is one of the seven deadly sins, envy. For the uneducated envy is not jealousy. Jealousy is just wanting what someone else has, while envy means you hate them for having it and wish to destroy them for it. For socialism to grow one must develop and encourage envy, hate, between those who have and those who have less.

In current day America we disguise socialism under the concept of social justice enacted through taxes. We do evil that good may come of it.

The concept is simple, we will be better people if we pay more taxes to take care of everyone.

What people tend to forget is growing taxes are what founded and fed the American Revolution.

One can not justify stealing. You do not make a better society by forcing people to surrender what they worked for. It only builds bitterness and resentment. Not a better, more loving society but a bitter more corrupt society.

Our recent protests have become violent and many Americans have stood by and expressed some sort of sympathy or agreement with this tactic.

The aspect of allowing violent protests is directly attributed to the communist movement. Not a surprising development since we were quiet while the socialist agenda was coddled all summer.

We now see a well spring of change forced upon people by violence and intimidation. Free speech is shunned and people are being forced to accept change, not through the voters box, but through violence.

This is truly the only way to make people agree with everyone, force. No matter what the subject is, the only way to get everyone the think and act the same is through force. This is the founding concept of communism. We all think alike and speak alike and if you do not, you are punished.

I look at cities like Seattle where violence and social intimidation was masked as peaceful. There were no counter riots, almost no one was speaking out. It was very peaceful like it is in China. Maybe one or two people challenged the protestors but they were peacefully shot. Fear and intimidation ruled supreme and the media became a propaganda outlet for the new state.

In America there have been many popular trends and important political movements.

The fight to end bigotry in the south did not come from violence, on the contrary it was a result of peaceful protests in the face of extreme violence. Brave black leaders and thinkers showed by their sacrifice, actions, deeds, and minds, that all men were created equal. This changed hearts and was not forced on people. The violent protests we now see are not helping end racism, they are breathing life into it. You cannot raise a cause of equality while feeding the culture negative images that project inequality. Do we think watching black people behave completely uncivilized makes us feel equal? Images of people spitting on police officers, throwing harmful objects and destroying property are somehow going to make people say, oh racist people have this all wrong? These riots are feeding the image and narrative projected by racists.

The National Football League is exhibiting and condoning racism by playing a “black national anthem”. How divisive can we become? This only pushes one nation under God further apart.

In America’s history, the extremes and bad influences of many movements fell by the wayside when the silent majority voted. Today, social platforms are dictating change much like communist indoctrination. Forcing people and organizations to “think the same” or face economic destruction. This is anything but American.

Our society has become weak minded and greed and envy motivates our decisions. Large companies and organizations fall into place because they see violence and lawlessness are the current dictates of the day. Rather than lose money they embrace radical doctrines and punish employees who speak their mind.

When will we learn, if not by faith, by history? The outfits and masks of Antifa are right from the history books, they mimic the brown shirts of the Nazis. The protests and destruction in our cities are reminiscent of the night of the broken glass. The latest protesters called all christians racist and hateful. Please understand, we and you are next.

How long will we be placated and allow the destruction of our county?

We deny objective truth and tolerate nonsense where people decide their sex and can self identify as the wish. Lies catch up with us. After all the work we have done to break down barriers in racism and discrimination we are going backwards. How can you raise discrimination claims at an all male office if some of them self identify as women. Now I, or anyone, can apply as a minority owned business. Maybe if they do offer future reparations to black people I will get some if I self identify as black. Rioters are berating black police officers and mocking their genetic appearance in the name of change. Please understand, when we accept the lies, then everyone can join in. Who are these people to question me or how I self identify ? Bigots, haters !

We have redefined hate into love. That happened long ago. In our quest for fulfilling our every desire we justified everything we did. We called it love because it sounds much better than lust, selfishness and greed. If we redefine every vice as love then we never have to speak out. Love is no longer sacrificial and caring for someone’s true being. It is selfish. It is silence in the face of evil so we do not have to face social backlash. It is placating someone’s every thought, so as to not offend them. It is supporting violent protests, it is subjecting everyone to the social trend of the current time .

Unfortunately, the only way to get everyone to think the same is violence, suppression, force and envy. The foundational principles of communism. Be reminded, it is so easy to vote for socialism and communism, but you usually have to shoot your way out of them.

Edmund Burke said for evil to win all that is needed is for good men to do nothing .

The past has taught us this is true.

America is well on its way to destruction and many of us are to blame.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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