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A Circle of Deceit

The Lantern Vol 40

I recently watched a press conference with Senator Ted Cruz. A reporter asked Mr. Cruz to put on a mask to which Mr. Cruz replied both he and his staff were all vaccinated so there was no need. He then said if the reporter was uncomfortable he could leave.

To be honest I liked the snarkiness of the whole exchange.

While I agree that the reporter should leave if he does not like the situation, this response was an example of us living so many falsehoods we cannot keep them straight.

First and foremost the vaccines do not keep anyone from getting or spreading the virus. This is straight from the manufactures. The idea that the vaccine now slows the spread of Covid or prevents it is just not true. The vaccine manufacturers have stated from day one this is not what the vaccine does. The vaccines may prevent you from having a more serious reaction to the Covid virus. I say “may” because as part of the vaccine disclosure program you were to be told that the vaccine may cause a more severe reaction to Covid and other viruses. See the governments informed consent disclosure here:

This narrative has never changed. We have talked ourselves into the world of wishful thinking.

The science shows the safest people are the ones who have had Covid and no longer transmit the virus. They cannot get sick (in the short term) and they cannot transmit the virus.

Yet, we are rewarding people for getting a vaccine as if they are somewhat safer to be around.

If masks are effective everyone who has tested negative or has the vaccine should wear them indefinitely. Every mask study I have read to date, not only shows they are ineffective against viral spread but shows an increased correlation of Covid cases with their use. Probably because initial mask studies were not done on actual people, In the real world things are different.

We think to ourselves doesn’t this mask obviously help in some way?

If the virus that was spreading through the US was Eboli and people were bleeding through their noses and eyes I believe the doctors and nurses would be wearing hazmat suits not surgical masks and yet, Eboli is also a virus. When it comes down to the size of a virus, masks are like wearing a screen on your face and letting someone pour sand on it. Yes, for a short term sneeze great. Practically speaking, if they were to help we would need real filtering masks and use them correctly. Most of us are wearing a sponge that soaks up everything in the environment and then we play with it. The problem is we reject science for what looks and feels good.

Lately, the news outlets like NBC and CNN are now reporting on all of the cases of people who have had the vaccine and have contracted Covid anyways, as if this is some great surprise. David Leonhardt writing for the New York Times said in his April 19th column, “data last week showing that 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans had contracted Covid. That may sound like a big number, but it indicates that a vaccinated person’s chances of getting Covid are about one in 11,000. “

What is interesting is the answer seems to be since the numbers are so small they should still take the vaccine. What we are not asking is this: if you are not in the elderly, overweight, low vitamin D group then is the vaccine a greater risk to you than Covid?

An old study by Harvard Medical showed less than 1% of people report on bad vaccine reactions but some other studies suggest 10% are reported. We have tens of thousands of adverse reactions including deaths reported to the official (VARS) vaccine reporting site. Worldwide the death toll from the vaccine exceeds 10,000. If this is only 10 percent of the number we have a problem. The age group death data shows that some of these people were at no risk from a virus, yet they died from a vaccine.

We also now have a list of drugs that greatly increase your recovery: Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir to name a few. Thousands of doctors are recommending these drugs for treatments with great results, yet only one, Remdesivir, is now approved. The critical literature says more testing should be done on the other drugs. I have a simple question. Why does a lot more testing need to be done on FDA approved drugs but not on non-FDA approved drugs? Ivermectin has been used for decades by the farming community primarily for animal care but also for themselves. Both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are safe, so I have to ask why would we take an experimental drug before trying these? I already wrote about the fake medical report that caused the FDA to stop recommending Hydroxychloroquine. After the fake article was repudiated the FDA did not reverse themselves. The mindset was if we show we made a mistake people won’t trust us, so we stay with the mistake. Ivermectin is showing very promising results in actual usage yet we are being told that not enough “peer reviewed “ studies have been done.

There was a recent research study out of Columbia saying Ivermectin did little good. Looking a little closer at the study it involved 37 year olds with a BMI of 26, that’s about 180 pounds in an average size man. So what kind of test group is that? This group has nothing in common with the majority of people who really get sick and die from the virus.

If I wanted to test a dementia drug would I randomly select a group of 24 year olds to see the results? This was from Columbia so I have ask, how far do we have to go to find something derogatory to say? If our own doctors and doctors around the world are using it with good results why are we not trying it.?

Finally, last week they temporarily stopped the distribution of the vaccine by Johnson and Johnson (J&J) for six reported blood clot reactions. They had similar problems in Europe with the Astrazeneca vaccine. I still am surprised that they halted this after six reported problems when there are so many reported problems in the other vaccines. What got my attention is J&J asked its competitors to help. Hmmm, most companies would never do that. What real incentive does a competitor have to help? Unless the competitors have the same problem so they cannot comment. Possible? Well, they are restarting the vaccine this week. Apparently this deadly side effect is not risky enough to offset you getting the vaccine. Let’s forget, a lot of the early debate suggesting the vaccines might cause blood clotting was said to be anti-vaccine propaganda.

What we see is a world in which debate is no longer allowed. Society now determines who speaks and what is right and wrong. I have read a lot of articles “debunking” much of what I have read. In each article I find lies and falsehoods as they debate the point. They criticize people for things that they never said or take it out of context. We live in a world where someone lies to your face and you have to accept that as true, if society deems it true. Do not worry, society is not Godless. Society and social media have become the new Gods. Believe their truth and only their truth and there is no debate. Then you can keep your job.

The problem is when everyone begins lying to make people feel good we lose track of our own deception. We now live in a circle of deceit where we will lie to make someone feel good. Our companies have programs teaching people that to accept lying is a form of respect. The Corona Virus has not turned the world on its head, we have. We are making nonsense a way of life and like a circle we see no end.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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