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The Proofs in the Pudding

The Lantern Vol 50

In a world full of debates, politics, and lies I believe that the truth will always come to light.

As I like to say the proof is in the pudding. Facts come to light in the end.

Over the past year, we have been told a pack of lies and false narratives. I see the United States becoming more and more communist as time goes on.

A recent interview I heard was from an older man who spent his life studying communication. He commented that the United States was resembling 1960s communist Russia.

This sounds like a bold statement yet I saw the signs earlier this year when the Government wanted to institute an Office of Communication. When I was in high school we studied how the USSR controlled its people by controlling communications. If we live in a country founded on freedom - how did we arrive at a place where our government is taking a page from every socialist and communist regime’s playbook?

The world of Covid 19 changed our lives and people were willing to give up all kinds of freedoms in the name of mutual protection. It appears that amidst the chaos, we handed over our free thought and free speech as well. The term “miscommunication” was widely touted to imply there was correct thought and incorrect thoughts. Anyone who went against the government narrative was deemed a spreader of false information aka a danger to society.

In a world where we have unprecedented access to each other through various forms of electronic communication, information was being censored to prevent “miscommunication”, for the sake of the common good. This is where free speech and free thought slowly began to disappear.

Those who held contrary opinions were labeled radicals and their personal and professional lives were all put into question. No matter how valid your credentials were if you held an opinion contrary to the government’s narrative you were attacked. Professionals were threatened with losing their livelihood if they did not toe the line.

But the truth always comes to light because you cannot hide the finished product or its effects.

Last year through a freedom of information request Pfizer was ordered to produce its internal paperwork, related to the vaccine. Its efforts to delay this information should have everyone asking why.

What have we found out so far? Pfizer's internal memos and data showed questionable efficacy numbers. Yet even today, “Fact Checkers “ argue this is just a misreading of their data.

Out of the gate, we were told by multiple government sources that if we were vaccinated we would not contract covid. Fast forward to the present day, millions of vaccinated people are learning that is not the case. Studies now show the more you are vaccinated the more likely you are to get Covid. Now, the response of the vaccinated is “yes, I got covid, but it wasn’t as serious as it could have been."

The Pfizer vaccine was supposed to keep 2 out of every 10,000 from having a serious reaction to Covid. A new study from the BMJ shows that the vaccine caused 10 in 10,000 to have a serious injury and Modena was 15 in 10,000. From these studies, I believe it's fair to deduce that you are much more likely to die from the vaccine than from the virus.

We were also told the vaccine was safe. Yet, the injuries and fatality numbers are surpassing a million cases and rising according to the government's own VAERS website.

A new study was done on adolescents by taking a medical baseline of 314 participants 13-18 years of age and tracking them through the process. Tests were done during, and after vaccination. "Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients". Not as rare as most people would like. Some participants had subclinical myocarditis, which means they had no symptoms or no idea something was wrong. Heart specialists are arguing there is really no such thing as "mild myopericarditis" because it is heart damage.

I have countless personal stories of people I know who all have some sort of mysterious sickness, sudden heart issue, etc. Just unexplainable. Pfizer's internal documents listed pages and pages of known serious reactions to the vaccine. Recently, I watched a nurse have a meltdown because it seems Pfizer is now including these reactions in their literature. My guess is since people now have access to the data, they might as well provide it so it looks like they are not hiding anything.

Many have already commented on the surge in deaths this year of the nonelderly. Dead people are hard to hide.

So with all of this changing data, it seems that old miscommunication was actually factual.

The latest breaking developments have been that the Chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission, Professor Jeffrey Sacks, believes the virus came from the US labs and was further developed in China with our funding.

Several scientists have now come forward to say that Anthony Fauci has lied to congress and the American public. They are claiming he funded illegal research in China that led to this terrible virus. Wouldn’t it be advantageous if you helped fund illegal research that caused a worldwide outbreak - an outbreak which he would then be charged with determining on the public’s behalf how the outbreak originated and how the government and its citizens should respond to it?

Billions of dollars have been made and paid because of this virus. We now see the proof of rushing into poorly tested vaccines and the devastating results of bioengineering viruses. We need to investigate who cooked up this worldwide tragedy.

This reminds me so much of the problems I discovered in the Catholic Church. A continuous circle of deceit and coverups to hide atrocities. The guilty colluded to hide crimes for decades.

If the latest studies hold water we continue to poison generations of people to hide crimes against humanity. The church allowed and allows sexual abuse to continue and continues to hide it from the public. I believe we are now doing the same with the vaccine and the virus.

Until we have a day of reckoning, I will likely continue to hear too often sentiments akin to: “we just don’t know what happened and why you are sick,” and watch those I know pass away at too young an age. The proof is in the pudding, but who cooked this up and why?

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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