What do we do about Global Warming?

The Lantern Vol. 31

Over the past several days I have had to listen to pundits use all kinds of figures and statistics to prove Global Warming.

If you get past the often repeated articles you can get to some consensus. Many scientists believe there is a global warming phenomenon and some think it is the result of mankind's interaction with the planet. Not mankind’s interaction alone, but that we may have some influence. Ignore most of the percentages you hear and read about, because they were probably derived by people pushing an agenda.

It is hard to look at any real problem because people like to make money and push a political agenda. For example the Global Warming proponents support a solution of windmills and solar panels and waste recycling plants. Unfortunately, science and economics reveal all of these solutions only lead to more global warming based on the science in which they were constructed.

This is because these renewable energy sources are not reliable, and they must all have a backup source of energy which is usually fossil fuels. So if we create an entire solar field to power a new factory we must then build a fossil fuels plant (which runs continually) to back up the unreliable energy source. Waste disposal plants burn up thousands of good trees when they do not have enough burnable waste. So in the interest of saving the environment the science says we are actually harming it more.

I say actually because I am a believer in Global warming but not in the science or political science that surrounds it.

As a Catholic I understand that physical manifestations are often the result of spiritual events.

We often hear of homes that have spirits which can manipulate the physical environment.

In Catholic theology we understand that good people suffer because of the sins of the mystical body. We all participate as one body, so if some of the body is spiritually sick there can be physical sickness that spreads throughout world.

This has been repeated in Catholics teachings and Catholic apparitions throughout the centuries.

The bible is full of the plagues caused by man's defiance to God. For the Catholic these are not bedtime stories but rather the history of our relationship with God.

Maybe the greatest single example was the flood in Noah's time. In today's world this would be explained as the excess greenhouse production of man that caused the great flood.

In the apparition of Fatima Portugal over 70,000 people witnessed a supernatural event. The point of the event was to show God was intervening and that the messages and revelations were credible. Many people still ignore or have no idea of the messages given.

The messages included, that If people do not stop offending God, there will be another worse war and more famines. World War II followed yet if you read history books we seldom boil down the causes of the war as man's inhumanity to man, or offending God.

In the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette our lady said, "The cart drivers cannot swear without bringing in my Son's name. These are two things that make my Son's arm so burdensome. If the harvest is spoiled it is your fault. I warned you last year (1845) by means of the potatoes. You paid no heed. Quite the reverse, when you discovered that the potatoes had rotted, you swore, you abused my Son's name. They will continue to rot and by Christmas this year there will be none left."

Over the last few decades I have read prophecies of increasing natural disasters as the world of man revolts against the teachings of God.

To a Catholic, the causes of all the problems we have are due to mankind's response to God, so why do we not hear about this?

We wish to take all of the problems in the world and try to solve them without fixing the source of the problem.

If we are obese, the answer is surgery and drugs. If we cannot control society's sexual urges our answer is to contracept, abort our children, take poisons to keep our bodies from doing what is natural. It seems we have an unspiritual answer to all of our problems.

This has never been so clear as during the Coronavirus response. The Church abdicated its belief and trust in God.

If we really care about our world and those who live in it the solution is easy and free. Pray for mercy, enlightenment, and the grace to change. Yes, there is Global Warming and as a child of God you can do something about it. We just need to stop acting like non-believers.

George Foster

I am a Catholic Layman who has been fighting church corruption for over 15 years.

White Collar Crimes
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